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Five of the More Popular Kaplowitz Media. Cigar Articles of 2023

Five of the More Popular Cigar* Articles of 2023
(*including one for the pipers)

The beginning of a new year is a fine time to look back at the year that just passed. Lists are great ways to mark points in time. Below is a handful of highlights by way of popular posts from 2023. Do you remember these? Kaplowitz Media. remembers. Enjoy!

[The below titles are links to the full articles. The accompanying blurbs beneath said titles are excerpts from thereof.]

What Your Cigar Ashtray Says About You

Pewter: You view weight as a sign of dependability and you might also still be mad at Metallica for cutting their hair. You might play Dungeons & Dragons, but can definitely speak to the topic and most likely have some figurines. You also like semi-precious stones and know which stones have which healing properties. Nice ponytail, man.

How to Develop A Desire for Better Cigars

I first thought 'Why is he asking me?' Then I realized what I already related here. Then, I thought about an answer for a few ticks. What I came up with was instead of pushing 'better' cigars on the guys, teach those guys how to be better smokers. A better smoker will recognize a better smoke. A more informed smoker will seek different upscale leaf. A better smoker will appreciate better construction when experienced.

What Your Cigar Lighter Says About You + Some Loose Ends

Spills: Masochism isn't for everyone but it is for you. You are your own best frenemy. No one can beat you but you and you are both undefeated and winless. Your shirt, chair, and table all have burn-holes and marks. The history books you adore reading often have singed edges. You are familiar with the smell of burnt dog hair but it never seems to bother him. He just thinks you're excitedly petting the good boy.

On Embracing the Learning Curve of Pipe Smoking

Is it all worth it? I think so. I'd tell you why but it maybe won't matter to you. Maybe you could tell me why but it probably won't matter moving in that direction either. I'll give you this much, exploration seems no small part of the human experience--much like little league coaches who work long hours at hard jobs and are nice enough to give their free time to kids who think they can pitch.

Baseball on the Radio or Boxing in Black and White (The most perfect cigar pairing)

The question is clear. The answer maybe not so much. A bit of background. I don't like new stuff, never have. As I age, I like it less. I like boxing. My favorite bit of boxing entertainment is watching old B&W fight reels. I like baseball. My favorite bit of baseball entertainment is listening to old radio broadcasts of games. Perhaps I'm just a history buff. More likely is that new things scare me. They're loud, abrasive, and make little sense. I feel like I should be yelling these sentiments at clouds.

Thanks for spending a bit of your 2023 with me. See ya in 2024 (now, for instance).

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