Wednesday, August 9, 2023

How to Develop A Desire for Better Cigars

How to Develop A Desire for Better Cigars (in others and maybe in yourself)

Back in the forever ago when I was a chef of sorts, I'd always wear a white t-shirt and apron until I needed for whatever good reason to throw on a chef's jacket. These days, I always wear the free hand-out almost single-use yarmulkes at shul. Why? Same answer to both really. No one asks the guy in the grubby apron or disposable yarmulke any questions. Neither so much as whimper-whispers authority.

What I'm saying is I don't get a lot of questions by design. Then my design was sorta redesigned when I left myself open for questions during my Instagram exclusive Office Hours (@kaplowitzmedia) every Friday midday sometime. I don't know if that stint-stunt instigated this particular question or not but maybe it did. Nevertheless, I got some questions of which this one was one.

It stuck in my mind, actually. I later addressed it via Office Hours after a private message but I thought hey, why not write about it too. So, courtesy of Ken from Louisiana: "I'm managing a lounge now and never worked in the industry before. I have a lot of customers that smoke cheap cigars and I'm working hard to educate them on brands and what makes a good cigar good."

I first thought 'Why is he asking me?' Then I realized what I already related here. Then, I thought about an answer for a few ticks. What I came up with was instead of pushing 'better' cigars on the guys, teach those guys how to be better smokers. A better smoker will recognize a better smoke. A more informed smoker will seek different upscale leaf. A better smoker will appreciate better construction when experienced. Imagine a cigar that stays lit longer between puffs so that you don't have to over-smoke and burn your palate out.

Taste is important but how to correctly or more precisely taste a cigar? These are all issues to be addressed within teachable moments. I should also make clear that I mean better in an objective not subjective sense. Quality and construction, a scorched palate; or a thing that won't stay lit. Not as in a preference for chocolate over coffee notes. The ins and outs of this are best saved for a better time and place. But then I realized off-the-cuff IG LIVE style that maybe those fellas don't want to be told they're smoking wrong.

Maybe they don't want to be told their budget constraints make them come off as under-educated or under-achieving. Maybe they're, in fact, hiding in the lounge to avoid all that sort of guff from their significant others. Maybe just let them smoke. It was then that Ken had a great idea. He's going to be setting up a seminar and plans to make it available to all interested parties. Perfect! So he doesn't look like a salesman or nag... two excellent looks to avoid.

In short, better smokers make better consumers and the old opt-in is always the way to go. I feel like Ken did a lot of the heavy lifting, ultimately. Which is nice. I'll be smoking a cig in the dish pit if you need me. Best to try not to so much need me, or anyone. Be like Ken from Louisiana in that way. That said, I feel like I should offer up some small advice. Fine.

Smoke slower and hold the smoke in your mouth longer. Too cheap of a cigar won't allow greatly for either. Want more? Maybe BUY MY BOOK, How to Enjoy a Cigar.

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