About Kaplowitz Media.

Kaplowitz Media.

Part tobacco blog. Part literary blog.
One-horse town. Two-trick pony.

Premium tobacco, with a long-filler cigar focus. Pipe tobacco makes occasional appearances. Books, with a focus on classic short stories. Sherlock Holmes is a specialty. Reviews and views. Occasional appearances of original fiction. A smoky book club? A lit.tle lit.erary journal?

"I read Playboy for the articles." Many scoffed at that old nugget but Mailer, Bradbury, Updike, Vonnegut, Kerouac, and more contributed. I'm none of those fellows but if you supplant smoke for centerfolds, you'd be close to capturing the vision of, but also severely over-estimating, KM.

New articles publish every Monday through Friday sans US Federal Holidays and the last two weeks of February. Most are written and some are audio (podcasts).

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