Friday, March 24, 2023

Kaplowitz Media. Cigars of the Month for February & March 2023

Kaplowitz Media.
Cigars of the Month
for February & March* 2023

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Thursday, March 23, 2023

On Lines from Hills Like White Elephants and Macbeth

On lines from Hills Like White Elephants from Men Without Women by Ernest Hemingway spoken by Jig, and from Macbeth by William Shakespeare delivered by Macbeth.

[A (no)thing that caught my attention.]

"Would you please please please please please please please stop talking?" - Jig.

"Tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow," - Macbeth.

Ah, the pregnant pause. See what I did there? And ah, it can be spoken for greater oomph. (And, instead of the blanks between each Please.) Hemingway had said the operation alluded to in Hills was an abortion but who knows? It's widely regarded as such. It could really be anything. Macbeth, a Scottish general, was simply going mad, driven there by the guilt of his own murderous ways.

You can read the entire Hemingway piece in a few short minutes so I'll not summarize that even as briefly as I did the other. As to style, Hemingway's Hills reads much like a play. Although in the written word, at least in his minimalistic manner, there is again no 'And.' But imagine please and please and please, so on and so forth. Or Tomorrow, tomorrow, tomorrow.' Shakespeare comes in hot, and Hemingway comes in equally on-brand cold.

Time is ticking in both Hills and Macbeth. 'And' or [blank] each act as loud placeholders, screaming for attention or to be tended to. A silent second hand on an unseen watch. Void. Nothingness. Lack of life. Madness. Tragedy. The psychological effects of pivotal moments where lives and minds hang in balance. Commemorating via emphasis that finite pin dropped on a map whether alongside hills or upon an eventual throne. Both deal in death and ain't that the real void?

I understand (although I forget who said it) that the way to perform the 'and tomorrow' soliloquy is to place emphasis on And. That is quite right. In these both, And (or the assumed And) signify the zero-zilch-nada void and create of it also a quite tangible place you can visit--especially once named. No word yet if it's a Hotel California-type scenario but if I had to guess, it surely is. Or, you know, you can always put the book down; walk out of the play.

"It's not the notes you play. It's the notes you don't play." - Miles Davis. I mean, there must be something there then and to this. It's not as if a thing so silly as nothing could ever truly exist.

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