Kaplowitz Media. Audio/Video

There are currently three (3) Kaplowitz Media. audio/video options being offered. They are as follows:

1st & 15th Podcast
Twice a month (see show name for dates), Phil Kurut and I chat too long about nothing of any consequence. A pure waste of time. Cool. Here it is on Apple Podcasts. Here it is on Spotify.

Office Hours
Live on Instagram every Friday in the afternoon/evening. I do my best to give a heads-up there as to specific times. I turn on a stream and if you have any questions/comments/concerns I might be able to help you with--let me know. I also at times provide unimportant bits of KM. news. @kaplowitzmedia is where you'll find that when not postponed. 

Live from the Throne Room
Is an occasional Thursday Instagram show I do with Lee Marsh of Stolen Throne Cigars. Which Thursday? Follow to find out. Just look up Stolen Throne Cigars on IG. We try to do a couple a month.

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