Kaplowitz Media. Audio/Video

There are currently five (5) Kaplowitz Media. audio/video options being offered. Individual episodes of these offerings will often be published as blog posts as well, but it is best to follow each at its source as indicated below. As to below, the shows are as follows:

The Kaplowitz Media. Podcast
Recorded and released to podcast players on an increasingly irregular basis. An audio version of what you'll find written at the KM. blog. Episodes will also be posted to that said (this) blog. Subscribe and rate & review wherever you manage to listen. Here it is on Spotify

Taking the Call
Is available on the Kaplowitz Media. Podcast feed (link above, Spotify). Tune in to hear Lee Marsh and I share our big thoughts about maybe smaller things.

1st & 15th Podcast
Twice a month (see show name for dates), Phil Kurut and I chat too long about nothing of any consequence. A pure waste of time. Look for it on your preferred podcast player. Then rate and review. ANNOUNCING NEW ADDITION of 115 XTRA a short show which sometimes fills the off-weeks of the main show. Cool. Here it is on Apple Podcasts

Live from the Throne Room
An Instagram exclusive over at the Stolen Throne Cigars IG feed. My pal Lee Marsh of Stolen Throne and I chat about cigars and combat sports both staged and unstaged. Sometimes food. Other times, other things. Maybe drink. Scheduled on a pop-up basis, so make sure to follow and not miss out ever. Here it is on Instagram.

Office Hours
Live on Instagram every Friday and usually in the afternoon/evening. I do my best to give a heads up there as to more specific times. I turn on a stream and if you have any questions/comments/concerns I might be able to help you with--let me know. @kaplowitzmedia is where you'll find that. 

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