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Three of the More Popular Kaplowitz Media. Original Works of Fiction of 2023

Three of the More Popular Kaplowitz Media. Original Works of Fiction of 2023

Perhaps you'd like to read a story while puffing on your premium cigar or tobacco pipe. Here are three quite popular instances of such opportunities from 2023. More to come in 2024. I understand that this is outside of the norm for a blog such as this--and a thing that sets KM. apart. Kaplowitz Media. Part tobacco blog. Part literary blog. One-horse town. Two-trick pony.

[Below titles are links to the full stories and excerpts beneath are from that same tale.]

Soup and Sandwich

Before each meeting, well before, she’d walk to the avenue, and along the way, she’d fill her change purse with its shiny steel frame and clasp, with its yellow and white flowers adorned on its pink fabric–with coins she’d find on the sidewalk. The train station wasn’t far-off and many a harried and hurried commuter would drop a nickel here, a dime there. Sometimes a quarter. More likely a penny. She’d trained her eyes to spot each one.

Tell Me About Ms. Cheryl [Part I]

In his wallet was also a photo of her and his hands trembled too badly to trust them to take it out for a look, so he closed his eyes and saw it. In a short shallow breath he released “Cheryl,” and with that, the next few breaths were a bit more even. Then the bus was mostly filled and then it looked as though the driver was set and then Sam’s vision tunneled. He recalled as a young man being too scared to walk from his parent’s house to the mailbox. There was pea-gravel mixed in with grassy patches in dirt and his head swam and his knees went weak.

Please Don't Judge Millie Too Harshly

Please don't judge Millie too harshly. As years later she stands in a bookstore looking for the perfect Christmas gift. She never connected with her son and when her folks died she withdrew all the more. From him, from everyone and thing. The skin of her plain face creased around her eyes and lips, her mousy hair held tinges of grey not silver, and her eyes were all the weaker. The book, never mind the title, was the perfect gift for her mainly estranged son. Especially the third paragraph on page 238. She could not have said it better herself and her eyes watered as she read it a fourth time there in the store. Perfect.

If I may. What is a boutique cigar? What is a literary journal as opposed to a magazine at the check-out line of a supermarket? Have a great 2024 and thanks so much for spending some of your 2023 here.

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