Friday, January 5, 2024

All About Wine (Podcast) Cigar Show Special

All About Wine Cigar Show (Podcast) Special

I recently had the opportunity to crash a buddy's wine podcast with some of our mutual buddies and enlighten his audience as to the joys of cigar smoking. Alongside doing so, maybe instead of doing so, we put on a classic piece of improv radio theater thanks mainly to the many voices of Phil Kurut. Also along for the ride were Mike Weinstein and Cigar Craig, who only brought along one voice each.

Typically, All About Wine is an informative program that seeks to make simple the rather complex world of wines. Special thanks to Flightline Radio Mike for letting us get on his very last nerve. Well worth a weekend listen. Check the episode out HERE on the AAW Facebook page and while there, give it a follow. We'll supposedly be back in 18 months, give or take. Enjoy!

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