Friday, January 19, 2024

What to Expect at Kaplowitz Media. in 2024

What to Expect at Kaplowitz Media. in 2024

Part tobacco blog.
Part literary blog.
One-horse town.
Two-trick pony.

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New posts every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

Cigar Reviews will continue at about the same clip.
HERE are some good ones from 2023.

Cigar Articles will continue at about the same clip.
HERE are some good ones from 2023.

Pipe Tobacco Reviews and Piper Articles will continue to be a thing I long to do more of, but if cigar reviews and articles won't be experiencing a change in their loose and vague frequency, well, we shall see.

Product Reviews are a thing I'd rather not get too caught up in. (There's a decent but minuscule piper content spot.)

Stories or Kaplowitz Media. Original Works of Fiction will continue and are another thing I'd like to do more of, again we shall see. They do tend toward being a tick more time-consuming to craft. I do have plans to use certain smoking experiences as story prompts. You can read popular bits of 2023 fiction HERE.

All of these wants and all of these quasi-commitments threaten to make from the KM. a three-posts-a-week 5lb bag trying to hold 10lbs of content. That's fine. By the way, all of what you've read thus far is subject to change. Weeeeee!

What is more cast in stone is the recent move of posting my Cigar of the Year not in September but on the last post day of December. I do really like how that came off. Another unchangeable thing is that KM. will again (as per tradition) be 'taking off' the second-half of February. More on that hiatus when it gets nearer. Did you see my Cigar of the Year 2023 (HERE)?

Now that I believe we're done with all the written components of Kaplowitz Media., let's touch on Audio/Video. The 1st & 15th Podcast I do with Phil Kurut of Comedy Cigars Music will continue as scheduled. As will the Instagram Live show I do with Lee Marsh of Stolen Throne Cigars over on their page there. Finally, I do plan to try not to cancel my own Office Hours on IG (so often). You can find out more HERE.

And with that, I'll bid you a fond adieu and also thank you once again for making Kaplowitz Media. a small part of your '23. See ya in '24! Oh, almost forgot... A new Kaplowitz Media. Book offering will be offered shortly enough. More info soon. Until that becomes a thing, I already have two available. Find out about them HERE.

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