Friday, December 29, 2023

Kaplowitz Media. Cigar of the Year 2023

"Have you Kaplowitz'd this year?"

Kaplowitz Media. Cigar of the Year 2023
(Names are links to full reviews.)
(Excerpts taken from original reviews.)

1. Dunbarton T&T Muestra de Saka The Bewitched
"The word exquisite almost immediately comes to mind."

2. Joya de Nicaragua Numero Uno L'Ambassadeur
"Higher than the typical cruising altitude and flying so fast as to seem unmoving, hung."

3. Big Sky Blackfoot

4. West Tampa Cigars Red (Robusto)
5. Lampert Ocean Breeze
6. La Sirena Original (Trident)
7. Casa Cuevas Sangre Nueva
8. Dunbarton Muestra de Saka Krakatoa
9. Dapper El Borracho Broadleaf
10. Room101 Cigars Daruma (2023)

A Note Regarding Cigar of the Year 2023 (a bit of recycled information from a recent post).: "On [today] December 29th 2023, in just a scant handful of sleeps from this posting, the KM. CotY will be announced. On that day, all at once, the top ten cigars I smoked & reviewed since Oct '22 (through this month's [December 2023] ...) will be published in one fail swoop."

Feel free to also peruse my page titled Kaplowitz Media. Grading Scale (that was a link). It's a recent addition and somewhat-to-quite pertinent to all this. To add to the thoughts there on ranking, memorability plays a role. As does consistency if I smoked more than one sampling of a blend. Perhaps solo-experience'd offerings have a leg-up, or perhaps down.

In closing, it always seems appropriate to offer a hearty huzzah to the previous year's list, which you may peruse HERE.

My sincere thanks to each and every Gentleperson.

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