Tuesday, September 27, 2022

Kaplowitz Media. Cigar of the Year 2021-22

Welcome to the Kaplowitz Media. Cigar of the Year 2021-22

Have you Kaplowitz'd this year? 

A cigar befitting the Holmesian Diogenes Club. Diogenes toted a lamp by day. This's a Victorian gaslamp at dusk, illuminating mystery and solution, each completely-so.

2. Casa Cuevas Patrimonio

A jubilant, lithely-delineated blend delivered in an Ancient Roman fountain fashion. Dining alfresco in the clay brick shade of a lovely fresco. A supremely-balanced classic.

3. CAO Pilon Anejo

Pilon? More like piling-on! Heady loads of dark-dense notes. Rip-roaring harmony. A steakhouse, ashtrays at every table, Zorba the Greek on every b&w TV.

4. Bocock Bros Signature Edition Sumatra