Monday, August 8, 2022

Kaplowitz Media. Cigar of the Year 2021-22 | What to Expect This Year

Kaplowitz Media. Cigar of the Year 2021-22 | What to Expect This Year

August is freshly upon us. Meaning, of course, that September is next up. One might say that it's August, going on September. But why on earth would one say that? Nevertheless, come this September as with the last handful of years prior, Kaplowitz Media. will be unveiling its Cigar of the Year list.

This year's CotY will be unveiled differently than those of years past. Speaking of previous years and before we forge bravely on-ahead, let's put some respect on the names of previous winners, shall we?
  • 2020-21 Stolen Throne War Council
  • 2019-20 Illusione Epernay 10th Anniversary D'Aosta
  • 2018-19 Stolen Throne Crook of the Crown | Viva la Vida by Artesano del Tobacco
  • 2017-18 MBombay Classic Torpedo
  • 2016-17 Bespoke Basilica C #1
  • 2015-16 Crowned Heads Tennessee Waltz
A big round of apple sauce for these great smokes. Although that isn't why I called you here today. The reason I did is to cue you all in on what to expect during this year's unfurling. Again, it will feature a whole new and different process from previous editions.

Here goes: it all begins September 27th with my naming of cigars numbers four through 10. It continues as an amendment to that same post on September 28th, unveiling the number three smoke along with thoughts on it. The same thing happens the next day when I continue to languidly unfurl via naming my number two pick. Then, on September 30th, the Kaplowitz Media number one Cigar of the Year will be announced and/or crowned.


September 27: numbers 4-10.
September 28: number three.
September 29: number two.
September 30: KM CotY

I am aware this is still some time away so perhaps you'll want to mark your calendars. I'll also be reminding you as the time looms more nigh. thx

(9/26 edit) NOTE: A cigar is eligible for inclusion if I smoked, fully reviewed, and graded it an A- or higher (thus earning a spot in a Cigar of the Month post); within the span of time between last year's CotY post and this one. That is all.

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