Wednesday, October 12, 2022

Dapper Cigar Co. El Borracho Broadleaf in Review

Dapper Cigar Co. El Borracho Broadleaf in Review

WRAPPER: USA Connecticut Broadleaf
BINDER: Nicaraguan
FILLER: Nicaraguan

FORMAT: Belicoso (6.25x52) box-press
ORIGIN: Nicaragua

Dark chocolate | Pepper | Coffee liqueur

This cigar puts me in mind of Eubank-Benn. For those unaware, the pair had a boxing match scheduled for this past weekend. Eubank is a middleweight (154-160lbs.) but has fought at as much as 167 and probably walks around with something like 170lbs surrounding his 5'11 frame. Benn is a welterweight (140-147lbs.) so there is that much weight-difference twixt the two. The catchweight agreed upon was 157 pounds. The fight was canceled when Benn was caught with a no-no substance coursing his veins.

This is a shame, as the match was a much-ballyhooed generational rivalry that began when their fathers started it. But this is a cigar review, you might be saying. First time to Kaplowitz Media.? I might be responding. That was, in part, the review. I'll explain. This smoke is remarkably trim yet still steroidal in strength. You smoke this, your daddy might feel it. More? Dark fruits and anise. Coursing black and red peppers chase dark chocolate and a sweaty sweetness enveloped in leather speedbag gloves. Tasty.

I am glad this cigar went off as planned. How it went off, I'll get into now. First, it feels a bit light in the hand, a tick like a phantom between the lips. Evenly packed. Construction begins and ends well. A lovely draw. Burn-line does waver some but needn't be corrected. Ash is fugly for a Nicaraguan offering but does make an inch. The mascara widens at mid-point, then narrows again. There is much smoke out-put and a sweet-savory somewhat kicky aroma. I taste a coffee liqueur from mid-rounds to the final bell.

Again, I'm glad this Dapper happened, and furthermore that the dangerous stunt of Eubank-Benn didn't.


A 90-100 B 80-89 C 70-79

::: very :::