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Springtime for Cigars | Reflections and Recommendations

Springtime for Cigars | Reflections and Recommendations

or, Four Seasons, Four Wrappers (With a Focus on Spring)

or, For Every Season Burn, Burn, Burn

Nothing says Spring like Habano. Corojo speaks to Autumn but that's neither here nor there. Also, I put the cart before the horse, or at least rushed my hand. Let's begin again, a sentiment much in keeping with the season. Although the cat has been let out of the bag and now I fear I'd be remiss in not continuing my brief overview of seasons and cigars. Maduro (Broadleaf) for winter and Connecticut (Shade) for summer.

Spring. It's not just wrapper leaf that feels most at home in certain seasons, but also vitola, particularly size. Spring. When the winter-long hibernation ends and we again dare the outdoors in flannel at first, then short sleeves at last. It's more comfortable out there, and somehow this follows suit indoors, as well. Looking out a wintry window and seeing snow by a cozy fireplace still begs for a lap throw and fluffy socks, after all.

Winter, and I hesitate to draw too much attention here, is all about small cigars. Why Corojo for Fall? Nothing preps for hunkering like that leaf. Corona (Petite to Gorda) in both seasons but also the occasional Torpedo in each sends a brave message of offense being the best defense. A final thought on Winter: a good Perfecto laughs in the face of death.

I digress

Spring. Outdoors. The sun starts warming up. We soak in the Vitamin D, shake off seasonal depression, and wish to linger there. Large vitola lingering. Habano, a kick of spice to thaw the bones more fully. A bit of sweetness to thaw the spirit. Perhaps a Robusto even R. Extra 'round earlyApril and come what may in late May, a Toro even Gordo. A pale fruitiness, a ballpark Spring Training (pea)nuttiness. Ah, Habano. Cracker Jack! Excitably flavorful!

Come Summer, a gluttonous vitola, smooth and mild. Sweet and even sweeter in the dog days of lemonade and sunscreen fragrances, pool-side. Springtime though... here's a list (in no particular order) of recommendations... their names are links to my full review. Nights are still chilly in most parts now, I believe. I hope this all makes for some comfy and hopeful reading.

Crux Epicure Habano
Dunbarton Muestra de Saka Krakatoa
Lampert Ocean Breeze

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