Monday, January 29, 2024

Kaplowitz Media. Hiatus 2024

Kaplowitz Media. Hiatus 2024

With January winding-down and therefore February comin' round the mountain quick-like, looming nigh is the yearly KM. hiatus/sabbatical from new postings. Unlike many a previous break, I've honestly no plans for alternative and occasional programming this time around. I'd say it's fair to expect a couple of things a couple of times. The idea is, as always, to post far less than the usual amount and in a willy-nilly manner to boot.

This period will begin on Monday, February 12, and end on Friday, March 1. Thereafter, we will return to our prior and regular Monday, Wednesday, and Friday schedule.

During that time, I will continue my Audio/Video schedule (find out more about that HERE). My thought is that between the 1st & 15th podcast (which will be posted here) and the Instagram-hosted Live from the Throne Room, I'll barely be missed, and still busy 'nuff. Perhaps a bit of fiction will be thrown in? Who's to say? Maybe I'll finally get around to answering some questions that have definitely no doubt totally been asked of me from real people who actually exist and that I in no way created on my own.

Whatever the Kaplowitz Media. hiatus holds, I know that in all honesty, I need a break. Business has really picked up as of late and my milk run has had me swamped. I am not in reality a dairyman like Tevye, but I like to dream and when awake I'm a sucker for analogies. Not to mention aesthetics. So in my break, I'll get all caught up on whatever my route is and return fresh as a daisy and not nearly as precarious as the perch of a fiddler on a roof. I look forward already to being greeted lukewarmly back.

But hey, we still got some time before then.

::: very :::