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Kaplowitz Media. Hiatus 2020 User Guide

"Have you Kaplowitz'd to-day?"

Toward the end of this rather & perhaps needlessly lengthy programming note, I will be asking for donations to keep Kaplowitz Media. going & G R O W I N G. Methods of donating are via the following links: PayPal or CashApp thx & now...

This yearly KM hiatus will span Feb. 14 - Feb. 29, 2020.

During the above stated time, no new content will be posted. In other words, this post you are currently reading, which is published to this blog you are currently visiting, posted on Feb. 13, 2020 -- will be it for new content -- until March 1, 2020. I feel I've over-explained but also as if I've just begun to do so.

During this time, new disILLUSIONE dePROGRAMMING will continue to be created/disseminated. Namely, one (1) podcast & one (1) vodcast. They will not, however, post to the main page here but instead to the disILLUSIONE dePROGRAMMING page. Also, to the Kaplowitz Radio. & Kaplowitz Television. pages. Dates of those drops are Feb 17 & 24, respectively. Pages can be seen as limbs of the tree which is this blog. You are currently reading from its trunk, & reference to said trunk was made also in the above segment entitled "WHAT IT MEANS." k

YouTube fun will also be (maybe) made during this hiatus, so subscribe to the Kaplowitz Media YouTube channel just in case. That content will (probably) be exclusive to there & may or may not be cigar-centric in nature. You can get there by clicking HERE. I recommend you do it. Also, follow Kaplowitz Media. on Twitter @KaplowitzMedia

In the predominant absence of new KM content, I suppose you could always take a daily walk or two. Maybe pick up a hobby such as bocce ball, macrame, or crack cocaine. Maybe check out alternative & ultimately inferior cigar infotainment bits from other more dubious sources. Better yet, check out the KM archives. There are hundreds probably thousands of cigar reviews, podcasts, articles, & videos. I'm sure there are some you missed that you could now catch. Get lost a bit down the rabbit hole of this joint. #opportunity

Or just wait for March 1. Or -- & (I would say) DEFINITELY: contemplate what would happen if this KM hiatus was open-ended. If my return was not for-sure & secured. IF KAPLOWITZ MEDIA SIMPLY WENT AWAY. oh, my. What could you do, you may very well be wondering, to never see that sad day happen -- to safeguard against that big juicy bit of awfulness?

Donate. Kaplowitz Media is a full-time project & the main source of income for a single mom(me). YOU can help keep this going & help keep it G R O W I N G. How? via PayPal or CashApp

Resting my palate & throat. Solving crossword puzzles. Pounding the ground for advertisers: WANNA ADVERTISE W/ KAPLOWITZ MEDIA? I also have a book to write (Opening the Books: The Phil Zanghi Story). Naps to take. Teeth to grind. Ruminating to do... you get the gist. I mean it's only a couple weeks. We'll all be fine.

Another excellent way to help support Kaplowitz Media. is to like/share posts wherever you find #KM on social media.

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