Deep in flavor. Deep in your mind.

disILLUSIONE dePROGRAM ::: Illusione Programming

The official Illusione Cigars podcast & vodcast.
"Deep in your mind."

disIllusione deProgram is produced by Kaplowitz Media, presented via Kaplowitz Radio & Television. Co-hosted by Kap & Dion Giolito. Dion Giolito & Kap.


Podcast: once weekly.

Vodcast: occasionally.

We welcome you to #TheSociety -- here, have an ABC'd & linked index to each & every show. From there, you can either listen or find links to your favorite podcast player.

[show titles are links to episodes]


March V "Brims & Bedding"
March IV "Swords"
March III "Coronavirus, etc."
March II "Frosting, Icing, Glaze"
March I "Hotdogs & Heroes"
February II "Mug Wars"
February I "Boss Angle"
January II "The Laughter of Melillo"
January I "Well, That's Garbage"


December II: "A Better Burger"
December: "Cornette & Crosswords"
November: "Paranoia & Poetry"
October: "Brains & Bleach"
September: "Joker & Jabba"
August: "Kaplowitz Candela"
July: "IPCPR, PCA, & FML"
June: "IPCPR Pre-game"
May: "Five Questions"
April: "Fume D'Amour"
March: "Ad Campaigns"
February: "Portfolio Programming"
January: "Dion Interviews Kap?"


December: "Closing out 2018"
November: "CULT"
October: "Mr. Rogers"
September: "OneOff"


January: "OneOff"
December: "Epernay"