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Since 2015,, with myself as its sole content creator has been a cigar-centric internet oasis of quasi-intellectual reviews (an archive of 600+ as of Summer 2018 in written form) & informational entertainment (infotainment). This proverbial plethora of infotainment is disseminated to Gentlepersons in some three dozen countries to the tune of a monthly readership I shall boast to you of privately. All this via expertly researched and wonderfully written writings & perfectly produced podcasts. PLUS, now verily vaulted vlogs.

Simply put, Kaplowitz Media has become somewhat of a trusted source w/ a growing cult following. K/M is steak. K/M is sizzle. Yet strangely, K/M is raw. #DIY #LowFi & yet again & strangely too, quite beautiful and technically sound.

Me? I was once a chef and another time a professional wrestler. I am a published writer, both on-line and on-paper, of genres ranging from Pulp to Pome. My family's roots in podcasting go back to 1901. Blogging, 1898. Vlogging, 1916. This in the Old Country of The Nicanduras Republic. Feel free to look all this up. I'm really not sure how you'd do that.


If you're a brand-owner/operator, and you feel all this speaks to ya in 'nuff a way to make good 'cents,' there are several options I offer potential buds, chums, and pals such as yourself, all with an eye toward forging a long-term & symbiotic relationship. These options include:
(Contact me for pricing. I'm certain we can work a mutually beneficial something out.)

  • Illusione Cigars
  • Drew Estate Cigars
  • Gran Habano 
  • Caldwell Cigars Co.
  • Om Mani Cigars
  • DAV Cigars
  • Ceron Premium Cigars