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Thursday, July 5, 2018

La Barba Cigars Red in Corona Gorda - Cigar Review Redux by Kaplowitz

"Why not Kaplowitz?"
Sweetmorn Confusion 40th, YOLD 3184

I just recently wrote: La Barba Cigars Red in Robusto - Cigar Review by Kaplowitz. Below is a looksie at the blend's Corona Gorda iteration.

La Barba Red
WRAPPER: Dominican Corojo
BINDER: Dominican Corojo
FILLER: Dominican Habano/Corojo (50% ligero)

FORMAT: Corona Gorda
ORIGIN: Dominican Republic (Tabacalera William Ventura)

PROFILE: Sweet/Spice
DELIVERY: Wet/Smooth

COMBUSTION: excellent

Moister in the smoke-hole than its blend brethren 'Busto. A tick cooler and more muted, as well. More-so and longer-so fruity (Juicy Fruit?!) & floral cedar backed by clove & nutmeg. Barely toasted notes both over & under. Smoother and a tick less tingle. Oh, so nice.

Since this has become strictly comparative, do read the original review (link @ top).

Excellent construction and too, excellent combustion --
but a tick less of that second-thing than in the 550.

I realize all this flavor feeling flies in the face of a thinner vitola but there was just something more "sippin'" about this one. Less hearty, less delineated. I oft use the nip from a chef's spoon (this) vs. country buffet piled-high plate (that)... will again here. Still excellent; a whispered excellence lacking in the Robusto's sheer bravado. Not necessarily a bad thing, Gentlepersons. Complexity is here. Flavor country, there.

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