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Since 2015, Kaplowitz Media, with myself as its sole content creator, has been a DAILY cigar-centric internet oasis of quasi-intellectual reviews (an archive of ~600 in written & audio form as of June 2018) & educational information (infotainment). All this via expertly researched and wonderfully written writings & perfectly produced podcasts.

A daily one-man show which is rapidly garnering a cult following within the cigar world, "Super human!" you may exclaim -- but even Superman needs the aid of Justice League on occasion. It must be hard to make disappointing action flicks all on yer lonesome. I digress.

DYK this DIY ain't no side hustle? I work on K/M sometimes even in my sleep (I program myself prior to slumber to figure out how to give you Gentlepersons my very best). Let's just say I put a strong 40 into this K/M thing per week. Truth be told, I need your help to keep the lights on. C'mon, Justice League. There are several ways you can pitch in...

you do, anyways. I've paired with (link JR Cigars link) to the tune of me getting kicked-back some if I generate sales for them. So next time you bust yer cigar budget, please do-so via THIS LINK. You'll be helping K/M and getting damned fine cigars, prices, and customer service. I chose to team with them for a reason, Gentlepersons.

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