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Wednesday, October 26, 2016

East India Classic Havana - Cigar Review

East India Co. Ltd (Gurkha)
Classic Cigar Havana Blend
5 1/2 x 52 Robusto Box-press
w. San Andres
b. Proprietary
f. Nicaraguan
The shoulder comes undone in my smoke-hole as I light the thing. Wonderful. Spiced earth forefront followed by a baking chocolate addition. Woods. Sweet toasted cream after another couple static pulls. Smoke out-put is admirable off each end and offers a sweetly spiced room-note... not earth, not tobacco... just sweet spices. Hollow, almost. Head softens a good couple ticks, and that coupled with the shoulder issue just feels precarious. Actually, and to be quite fair, the whole shaft on down hath softened noticeably. Oval, not squared, and in a hurries fshion. Medium tension'd draw is unaffected, seams holdeth.

Combustion-wise, we're burning even insofar as top-leaf, binder, filler -- but we are on a well-wobble'd line. Fast side of medium pace which seems to be slowing or at least not hastening further. Ash is a pale grey marbling with some aeration and flaking both visible. Leathery notes pour in meow. Thick and soft and oily. A pecan vibe is on the start of finish. That finish is of medium length and is mainly a sweet earth based thing. Mouth-feel is a slight tingly with a neat moisture level.

Well rounded medium body with a nice heft. Medium in terms of flavors. Strength is a low+. Cocoa is buttering up to a nice chocolate with a slight malt attachment spins off from the earth-cum-barnyard bits. Slight toasted caramel. Throat dries a tick. Leather dries some. Opening act ends in a toasty transitioning.

Cinnamon hits chocolate and gentlepersons, is fiesta no? Ay ay ay. Burnt offering cracks and is more visibly toothy. Line is less wonk'd but still un-even. Verily a smoky-smoke, which is to say there is an amazing volume o' smoke out-put. Walnuts join pecans and push ahead. I would now say the leather is crisp -- unless I already said that. If I already have, I would now say the leather is very crisp. Nigh dried brittle. Some far-away molasses. Nutty spiced earth upfront. Chocolate and molasses caboose. Malt and leather twirls about. Medium profile across-the-board.

Packing is super soft, and press is Gonesville. Burn is at its most even, but still un-even. Whenst dangling from my smoke-hole I doth detect floral bits, dark and dry. A vague passion fruit is a vibe on the immediate draw. Smooth effortless and satiating draw. Tickles at medium+ body on a bissell mo' creamery butter in a hot fry-pan.

I'm checking in on Game 2 every so often. The game is on inside and I'm on my porch. Cubs are up 5-1 in the 7th; all is unfurling as I foresaw. Cubbies win straight through now, gentlepersons. Barnyard. Lotsa it.

Chocolate bids adieu and all notes fall back lest spiced barn and an underneath nuttiness. Maybe some slight under-roasted coffee beans. Pack is flattened under its own under-packing. Under. Yeah. A bit throaty again and my tongue is somewhat parched. Mouth-tingle up-ticks. A new and distinct black pepper is on the retro-hale with a potpourri vibe.

Today was my first full day at dispatching cabs. I used the bathroom and afterward accidentally squirted hand sanitizer all over the front of my pants. I am reminded of this whenst just now, the ash dumps dry and flaky and warm in my Levi's lap. Dapper as the day is long, gentlepersons.

Smoke stays somewhat surprisingly cool to the flat nub and I'm 'a try to toothpick this thing.

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