Thursday, April 7, 2016

Jericho Hill by Crowned Heads - Cigar Review Redux

This is not meant to be a stand-alone review. Please read my original review of this stick HERE prior to reading this Redux. Notes will in a large way be in response to the original write-up. K A P L O W I T Z SCALE will be utilized. Cigars in Redux shall be broken down into an abridged II act performance. 

Why Redux? Different vitola, blend tweaks, and simple second chances are the leading reasons. Flights of fancy play a part, as well. Please note that if something is unchanged from original write-up, in this Redux, I won't redundantly state it. If it happened therein, it happened herein.

Crowned Heads
Jericho Hill
6 1/2 x 46 Long Black Veil (LBV)
Mexican San Andres wrapper
Nicaraguan binder/filler

Previous review was of the 12 Honest Men 7 1/2 x 38 Lancero.
This format is courtesy (with thanks) of Cigar Reserve.

Spicy dark earth. Lingering sweet grass. Check & check.
Throat catch. Warm chest. Check & check.
I stated "very" sweet. I'd not go that far this go.
Draw is fine -- not a stiff Lancero this time out.
I'm getting way more mesquite and coarse black pepper.
Less honey and brown sugar. Grass is less, too. 
Fast burn gets a freebie re-touch.
Very stiff ash, conical burn. Evened now.
Seems less dimensional than 12 Honest Men format.
Somehow less gritty & less refined.
Very leather as was prior format... now with a harder wood bracing.
At mid 1/3, (bitter)sweetness ticks up.
Sinuses hold a deep smoky white/black/red pepper note...
Drops to palate after a few pulls in thick molasses dark note.
Missing some balancing sunlight I mentioned in 12 Honest.
Fast paced burn.
Leathers begin to sweat oils an inch and a half in.
Were now ^ mimicking the previous format on a near perfect draw...
Sunlight comes in on a narrower ray into a wider field.
Post sunshower'd grasses ebb; extinguish some char...
Char is gentlemanly and now balanced. 
"Molasses and honey swirl around the black pepper. Mesquite is dialing back..."
^ yes to sentence one. Sentence two: Opposite is occurring.
Shoulder comes loose.
Draw resistance is same (Medium+) but smoke thins.

Appearance T
Construction W
Combustion I
Flavors/Body W
Strength O

Flat press holds quite well.
Finish is sweet b. peppered mesquite extension of draw.
Some red fruits immediate fresh, dry toward finish, end before.
Smoke-hole refills. Strength up-ticks.
Cocoa comes in on fruit, then soars past it.
Previously not inherently sweet, it now is. 
Rich dark Dove bar. Drives, not supports.
Leather back; thicker than in 12.
Black pepper hits tongue-tip.
Espresso, not coffee is liberally added.
(Black cherry)
Chocolate/Espresso primary.
Musky b. pepper middling with heavy dark rich soil. Citrus.
Silky notes. Dash of San Andres grit (softened by its marshmallow).
Then POW. Right in the chesticle region.
Very My Father; take that as ya may. Flirts with linear in a very full and broad manner.
Cheeks are almost blistered. Palate is oddly smoov.

Appearance T
Construction I
Combustion W
Flavors/Body I
Strength O

Previously B+ | Now A-
"Each cigar tells a story. Normally, its own. This Jericho Hill tells a Cash story -- and also speaks to and of its teller. It does it almost startlingly well, I might add. A story of the story teller, if ya will -- and I will. Heck! I just did." Me, on the 12 Honest Men offering. 
Sure, and this LBV is the unabridged version of its 12 Honest Men brother. Sentences become chapters and new characters are introduced. A much more complete telling (nuances) -- in a near Dickensonian sort of way. Still somehow lacks complexities. Dickens rewrite of a Mickey Spillane tale? All told -- better. Better draw goes a very long way. This LBV develops slower than 12, but once it does, is much more purposeful in doing so.