Friday, May 29, 2015

Cuban Rounds Maduro Wrapper Toro - Review

You gotta chuckle at the Cohiba "inspired" band.
Please don't chuckle at my autographed 8x10 of Mrs. White.

What is that band doing in the cheap case, I asked myself. I mean, I know what I'm doing in the cheap case, but a Cohib... Then I smiled. Then I purchased my first Cuban Round. I've long been equally a fan of cheap stogies and of moxie. This stick tickled each of those, my unfancy fancies. A penny short of two bucks, and I was out the door.

The Cigar:
Cuban Round Nicaraguan seed, Maduro Wrapper, 6" Toro
Pre-light there is a snoot full of surprising, dare I say, complexities - albeit all somewhat synthetic-suspect. The second snoot full was even fuller than the first, and a third was required. Now three snoot fulls to the wind, I began to feel that perhaps the stick came in on the same truck as a shipment of incense. Perhaps they cooked together in the trailer for a sunny afternoon or several...

A quite sharp pre-light taste was too a surprise. A through the cap pull shows a mellow and decent enough yet hazily confused and perhaps bite laden feel. There is a lot of spaghetti thrown against the wall, I wondered how much of it would stick.

The cap is bitten free of the stick and still pre-light, the draw moves from bite to spice and hope springs eternal - but not without reason. This stick is cleaning up its act. Yet it's very much still within the rapscallion spectrum.

I should say that the pack is loose, but even. Veiny but not overly so. Other than the heady pre-light aroma, this stogie is very comfortable...comfy, even.
The first third all of the pre-light haziness of confusion, aroma-wise is present immediately, but in a surprisingly subdued fashion. It helps immensely that the finish is, too, immediate. The volume of smoke given off is low but its aroma is easily pleasant enough for most to accept. The burn is uneven and the stick seems to want to go out. Some light nurturing is required. My roses, I notice, are off to a tragic start. Pepper notes with a pleasant midday bite and perhaps an undertone of leather toward the

Second third. It's here that it strikes me this cigar has a sense of humor... What also strikes me is second clumping of ash. Right in my lap. The flakiness and the volume of ash is a horrid nightmare.

Pepper is pepperyer yet still pleasant. Leather fades but plays peek-a-boo on occasion. It's always welcome. Smoke output increases noticeably yet remains kind. My porch is an ashtray, my ashtray is a porch. I get up and sweep. I imagine I'll have to again in the

Final third. Warmer notes appear as the stick is now fully heated yet still comfortable. Pepper subsides. Leather peeks more than boos. The wrap has been loosening all along and is now limp - but in an old pair of shoes sorta way. This was a very nice, albeit short break from my day.

All told, this Cuban Round is a perfectly serviceable stogie with a knowledge of itself that it charmingly pokes fun at. Self deprecating yet darn fine. I'd recommend this as a very viable every day option.

It closes in a cozy and clean, easy sort of way. Easy like a Sunday morning. A greater surprise than I could have hoped for. Loki would smoked these trickster Cuban Rounds.

Pairings: Whatcha got handy? It would hate to see you put yourself out. Coffee, but only if you're already brewing some. Also, when you sit back down, this cigar probably put a Whoopee Cushion under yer derriere.

Final Grade: B I bet it would laughingly rather you believe otherwise.

As the stick closed out, one of my neighbors laughed in a raspy bingo lady voice that echoed through my neighborhood. Perfect.