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La Sonrisa Cigars Wally Liga Especial in Review (Redux)

“Have you Kaplowitz’d to-day?”

La Sonrisa Cigars
Wally Liga Especial

WRAPPER: Nicaraguan Habana Criolla
BINDER: Nicaraguan
FILLER: Nicaraguan
BLENDER: Silvio David Martinez

FORMAT: Toro (654)
ORIGIN: Nicaragua



Smooth & steady. Earth & leather forward with a wooden backing, far back. Then undertones of dark chocolate and pecan... earthily. Hints of easy black pepper swirl thru middlings. Underbelly is barnyard. 

Could use a stiffer backbone whether by zest of citrus or bitterness of java. Lacking that, it flirts ONLY FLIRTS w/ blandness. What it is, is a smoothly rich profile altho lacking too in the sweetness of a dessert or aperitif smoke. But this does make its well-rounded corners & purposeful stride a nice midday escape.

Burns on an even line at an excellent pace. Ash is a builder, soitenly. Draws smooth, in keeping with the operative word of the experience. Finishes with a fleeting sweetness of amped up chocolate. Smoke out-put is moderate, building into a plush room-note of top-notes sans wood.


A 90-100 B 80-89 C 70-79 D 60-69 F 0-59