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La Sonrisa Cigars Wally No. 3 | Cigar Review by Kaplowitz

"LoFi & lovely."

La Sonrisa
Wally No. 3

WRAPPER: Nicaraguan Habana Criolla
BINDER: Nicaraguan
FILLER: Nicaraguan
BLENDER: Silvio David Martinez

FORMAT: Toro (654)
ORIGIN: Nicaragua



Tangy, sweet; richly balanced. Chocolate orange cheesecake. Try this recipe from Ghirardelli: | some white pepper and ginger in the pepper-spice category. Undertones are a loaded cup of diner joe (cream & sugar), something like a pancake batter, and a separate tangy bit of citrus pith coming up from the underbelly of bright earth.

The finish is lengthy & adds an herbaceous component to help up the complexities. Body lasts through said finish all tingly & crisp. Clean. Excellent smoke out-put culminates in a rather muted citrus natty 'baccy. Nuanced, well-rounded, and again, balanced. Although grains/vegetals are somewhat lacking in savoriness. 

Burns on a tick of a wobble which requires a re-direct at each third. Draws smoothly & readily. Seams loosen a hair at char but not egregiously-so. Some softening of pack occurs there as well, but minimally-so. Ash clings on throughout each third, in an oily and dense sheath. All told, a pleasant surprise of an offering.

Making matters better is the Reno bit of camp that is the band artwork; which could just as easily appear on the back of a deck of casino playing cards. I like using semi-colons to prove I went to college; I sometimes misuse them because it was a state school.

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