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Boycott Nat Sherman Cigars /// Altria - A Kaplowitz Media Special Cigar News Bulletin

"Have you Kaplowitz'd to-day?"

"Altria, NS's parent co. has come out against the premium cigar industry in order to secure their own spot in it. In other words, they are in favor of regulating out of existence, their smaller competition. This instead of deciding to make cigars which don't predominantly suck." - Me, via FB

It's just now making the rounds, this bit of breaking news courtesy of Cigar Aficionado: America’s Largest Cigarette Company Comes Out Against FDA Exemption For Handmade Cigars.

Now I'll expound some but mostly be repetitious:

You see, Altria, big boi daddy org. of Marlboro & Nat Sherman, etc. wrote the FfuckingDA, telling the feds to hold their ground and screw the premium cigar industry. Why? Because w/ Altria's deep pockets, they can afford to weather the over-regulatory'd storm and see a good deal of their competition fall away due to it. In other words, they put their best interests ahead of their industry's. It's brutally cowardly, ultimately short-sighted, & take my word for it -- they ain't gonna be the last big boy to do it.

Those that know me, I should include, know I don't tackle FDA shit insofar as coverage. I feel it's all or vastly-so a socially driven lost cause. But this is egregious. So I, as Kaplowitz Media, alongside an already growing others, call for an immediate boycott of Nat Sherman.

While I do not & have not furnished a blow-by-blow acc't of the FDA bullshit, William Cooper @ Cigar Coop has, and I recommend there as your one-stop shop on the www for the 411. HERE'S A LINK.

But what of B&Ms with Nat Sherman in their retail humis? Haven't we been instructed ad nauseam to "support our local B&M?" Tell ya what, since asking that question posits you worshipping in-front and below a B&M altar... I NEVER said to do anything other than not purchase NS. redirect funds elsewhere within that hallowed spot, huh? What Sherman via Altria has done is the equivalent of dealt a death blow to the premium cigar biz's puncher's chance. F U C K  T H E M. & I daresay fuck Michael Herklots, too -- unless he resigns from his position within the co., pronto.

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