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Avo Cigars XO Intermezzo Robusto - Cigar Review by Kaplowitz

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Avo XO Intermezzo
WRAPPER: Ecuadorian Connecticut Shade
BINDER: Dominican
FILLER: Dominican

FORMAT: Robusto
ORIGIN: Dominican

STRENGTH: Mild-Medium
DELIVERY: Creamy/Toasted


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"Avo’s legacy captured in every format, with tobacco aged for at least six years, artistically woven into each cigar. A masterpiece meant for special occasions. A remarkably smooth, yet richly complex, medium-bodied composition balanced with notes of wood, spice, and dry sweet fruit. 

"AVO XO has an easy draw that epitomizes the experience of lighting one up. With a lightly colored Ecuadorian Connecticut wrapper, that’s as pleasing to the eye as it is to the palate, this is definitely one easygoing smoke. Complex, but not complicated. Sweet and creamy with hints of nut and pepper. XO’s place in AVO’s portfolio is as indelible as the moments it helps to make."

"Packaged in a 5-Pack, this Robusto-sized cigar is crafted by the finest rollers in the Dominican Republic. It exclusively utilizes fermented premium Dominican long fillers, making it smooth and creamy. A Connecticut Shade wrapper is then added to bring out the earthy notes along with a mild hint of charred wood. This tasty little treat is a definite must have." -

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