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Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Deadwood Crazy Alice - Cigar Review

Deadwood by Drew Estate
Crazy Alice 4 1/2 x 46 Pig-tail Closed-foot Pyramid
I coulda labeled this a Redux, having already looksie'd at the Fat Bottom Betty (FBB),  I feel the differing name don't fit that. Instead, I'll riff off that review. FBB will be pasted below in brackets, followed by a Crazy Alice retort. if un-retorted, tasting/performance notes hold.

[A table sugar sweetness caramelizes warmly throughout the opening half. Verily a verily sweet pipe tobacco up-way-front. Dark chocolate. Ash holds well and silvery-white; coming out of a slightly wobbled burn. Two re-touches: one outta the closed-foot gate; another at the mid-point. A burgeoning Cuban coffee. A separate hibiscus lilt.]

I write good.

Dark chocolate appears as more of a Mexican Mocha Latte, presenting a greater piquancy. Burn is sans retouching, but not a perfect line, either. Smokes rather warmly. Cuban coffee is in that Latte, I 'spose. Hibiscus lilt is heavier-so. 

[Molasses'd hickory accompaniment to caramelized sugar. Pipe tobacco forms core in lieu of lurching. A bit of soy sauce and black pepper sidle up and in -- chew and tingle. Pack softens a tick but no hard/soft spots. Seams widen a hair at slightly ribbon'd mascara. Excellent smooth-cool draw throughout.]

Hickory enters alongside a cream soda note. Pipe tobacco lurches lesser-so here and don't start as high/forward. Crazy Alice is calmer, but hotter. Less chew, mo' tingle. Pack and seams each doth hold here admirably. Mascara is razor straight. An even betterer draw, but too, warmer. Not egregiously-so, tho.

I'm digging these 'Bitches,' gentlepersons.

A 90-100
B 80-89
C 70-79
D 60-69
F 0-59

BINDER: Proprietary
FILLER: Proprietary

ORIGIN: La Gran Fabrica Drew Estate, Nicaragua

Crazy Alice is one-third of Deadwood’s "Yummy Bitches." [Please don't tell my Rabbi I type such filth.] Also, there is Sweet Jane (546 Parejo) and Fat Bottom Betty (554 Robusto).

According to Vaughn Boyd, owner of Deadwood Tobacco Co. in South Dakota (wherest the brand soley resided before going national), "Crazy Alice showed up in 2014 and God knows where that little firecracker has been! She is one pistol crackin’ little hussy!" There's a sentence or two of back-story for each vitola. I think the bands are cool. I like to party.

"Deadwood’s Yummy Bitches are wrapped in a Maduro wrapper and are blended with aromatic and exotic tobaccos that bring out the natural sweetness of the cigars." - Drew Estate is taking Deadwood’s Three Yummy Bitches National, 7/23/16 Press Release. There seems to be on-line confusion as to whether or not this is a flavored offering or not. Gentlepersons, think the sweetness of Baccarat, but in an actual cigar.