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Thursday, May 4, 2017

MBombay Corojo Oscuro Gordo - Cigar Review

May the Fourth be with you, gentlepersons. The cigar with me on my porch on this finally seasonably warm Pacific Northwest day is the:

Bombay Tobak MBombay 
Corojo Oscuro
6 x 60 Gordo
w. Ecuadorian
b. Ecuadorian
f. Dominican, Ecuadorian, Peruvian
m. Costa Rica

"A flavor­forward [sic] creation containing balanced strength and a full bodied experience. With harmonious notes of ground coffee, spice, dark chocolate, and residual sweetness… this mouth­watering Expression is one you don’t want to miss out on!" Bombay/MBombay company site.
A thick oily top-leaf coupled with 60 ring gauge, makes for a patient affair of a toasting and lighting. Particularly as I employ my usual wooden matches. Speaking more to that top-leaf: a moderate amount of veinage sans ridging or crimping, and really more spider-web varietal than anything else. Seams are tight yet not invisible, due to an uneven complexion ranging a couple shades difference twixt dark and darker chocolate -- the lighter of which is due to a more goldenrod than brick reddish under-belly. Over-top all is a toothless espresso marbling. Very smoky of an affair in terms of combustion. Pack density goes from a pre-light nigh firm to a lit spongy-soft three quarters ahead a' char. Said char shows too a thickish mascara on somewhat of an outta the gate ribbon. Draw is a medium+ tension of resistance.

Flavors are a triple primary of chocolate, coffee, and warmly sweet spices. The under-belly too occupies the middling in a darkly composted earthen manner with influences of black pepper, heavy floral potpourri notes, and red/purple thick fruit syrups. With the three distinct primaries and dense under-belly, we are fleshed out in an unorthodox manner. Still, I'm glad when the coffee stiffens partially into a wood not which sinks into the now existent middling. A plush pile of hickory wood shavings, that. Chocolate is a dark Dove Bar. Coffee is a French roasted bean brewed in a French Press -- viva all that stuff, gentlepersons. Spices are interestingly a dense mulling varietal with an herbal finish all its own with a fleeting tick or so of anise just for feces and facial gestures. Of note is there is a slight astringent quality on the retro-hale which appears as well in the room note. Finish is of average length and bittersweetly so with a warm spicy kicker. Room-note is quite pipe tobacco-y. Matter of fact, a pipe tobacco notes sits atop the profile's under-belly now. Back to complete the retro-hale is a notable wood-braced peppercorn zing which drops to the palate in a rich molasses manner.

By the opening stanza's end, the focus shifts to a somewhat bitter pipe tobacco which may be indicative of needing more maturation. Too, the seams at a now wobbled line are loosened and draw is a bit hesitant and wishing to be heavily puffed to stay lit. This causes a rather heated burn which can be felt along the top part of the now spongy shaft, I shall start the second stanza with a re-touch and as much a rest as I can risk 'fore petering out.

Prior to re-touching, I roll off the first-third accumulation of ash in full. A chunky medium-grey marbled burnt offering of oilinesses. After substantial match finaglings and a slight rest, all is calmed. Also, I taste fruitcake. Heavy sweet grains and yeast. Dried fruit medley. Pack density is now firmed up by char, but softened by cap, although the hesitant draw has become less-so. Smoke stays showily smoky and body thickens. A decent medium-full profiled offering, this MBombay Corojo Oscuro. Incidentally, I reviewed its Perfecto brethren HERE. Slow Jazz pours out from my fat neighbor's opened garage as he fawns over his new-to-him Porche which for the life of me, I cannot figure out how he pours out of. Spices dial back a bit and finish moves to a more dessert-oriented mocha sweetbitterness. I begin a tick of a nicotine buzz. The fixed burn-line now threatens somewhat of a wobbling once more and I pre-emptively re-touch lightly. As I helicopter parent the MBombay, I notice some cracking in its top-leaf twixt char and band. The re-touch was unsuccessful and simply furthered the wobble into a canoe threat.

Flavors are nice if not perhaps immature, but combustion and construction each leave something to be desired. This is unheard of in other facings of this line. I doth have other samplings of this format which I shall allow further humidor rest and re-visit whenst appropriate. No newnesses to flavors, but they are now delivered via much more of a line and there is something of a bite under my tongue. On my tongue is some loose leaf.

Begins as the second, off a re-touch. Profile is still at medium-full and consisting of the French roasted French Press'd coffee and fruitcake. Leathery oils pump into the middling alongside lesser woods. Compost under-belly is quite close to the primaries and the chocolate is there with it and driving the blend from its backseat. My mother was the ultimate backseat driver, sans saying a word. She simply and loudly gritted her teeth then equally as loudly sighed every time Dad took his jalopy beyond 25mph. Her birthday is coming up. We ain't spoke in years. She speaks as if she is always driving from the backseat. More nicotine. Fruits drop off and a yeasty sweet black bread remains.

The draw improves as does the medium-thick evenness of the mascara burn-line. Heavily pipe tobacco forward with a lingering sweetness and yeasty grainy compost now rather linear. We ride off into the sunset, it's warm outside and the heater is on high so that the engine don't overheat. We travel on residential Brooklyn side streets at 24mph. I make up stories as to what's happening inside the homes I peer into. It relieves the tension inside the car -- or removes me from it. It also turns me into a writer of some modest repute.

The wrapper suffers no further damage; its crack is smoked through as quickly as the crack at a Whitney Houston Bobby Brown late 1990's shin-dig. Combustion cools at the soft nub.
Open to hand model inquiries.
[Will re-address at a later time.]

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