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Monday, May 15, 2017

Flatbed Panacea Black Maduro 760 - Cigar Review

Flatbed Cigar Company
Black Label Maduro 
7 x 60 Chubby Double Corona? Stubby Toro Gordo?
w. Brazilian Maduro
b. Dominican
f. Dominican & Nicaraguan
m. Dominican Republic

"PANACEA Black 760. The idea for this cigar came from the success of the Red 760, also known as the Peacemaker! This cigar is the same blend as our Classic black label Brazilian maduro, but much BIGGER. A Brazilian maduro wrapper and Dominican binder surround a blend of: Seco Cubano, Ligero Piloto Cubano, Ligero Olor Dominicano, and Ligero Nicaragua. Like our PANACEA Classic Maduro - this cigar is smooth and balanced. If you like a medium strength cigar, insist it be balanced, and know you are smoking something special...this cigar will become your favorite. Try a 4 pack and share with a friend. Note: Do not smoke either of our 760s while riding your motorcycle. I have found the size of these cigars make it "sail" when you get over 50mph!! You sure look like your having fun though......"
Oy gevalt, tobacco by the [Flatbed]truckload. Firm density of packing stays-so after toasted and lit. No hard/soft spots. Seams are invisible. Veins in a moderate amount. There is some tick a water-spot blemish around the mid-point. Toothier than the front row of a Willie Nelson concert... first three rows... five rows... it's quite toothy. Slightly dry hand-feel oils up quick whenst warmed. Decent sheen over-top it all plus some espresso bean marbling twixt sheen and dark chocolate hue'd top-leaf. Medium+ tension'd draw, smoothly saturating and satiatingly so.

Medium-full flavored, as wooden as Al Gore, which is to say quite wooden. Hickory, seasoned oak, some mesquite. Earthen too, in its under-belly, in a barnyard manure manner -- somewhat dryly. Middlings twixt are dark roasted coffee beans and caramelized sugar which sometimes come together to mimic a Cuban Coffee. Waxy dark chocolate. Black pepper rides up high and out front, as well. Slight mulling spices sidle up to it along-side hither and thither. All told, nice piquancy there. A thick tannic red note sets into the manure.
Burns on a straight line at a nice pacing. Smoky-smoke is thickety-thick and leaves a room-note of aromatic pipe tobacco. Ash builds all day in a silver-flecked palest-grey sheath. Body is a medium-full mounting throughout to the tune of a savory leathery oil. Good tongue-tingle with some salt setting into the lips and cheeks. Finish is uncomplicated, but nicely bittersweet with long legs lasting draw-to-draw. Strength is a robust medium with a tick a' wooziness, and warm chest. Nub stays firm and cool as a cuke.

Balance is a bit tilted towards bitter, and some richness is lost in the final stanza. Verily a straight-forward smoker with a bit of a hollow lull where the typical transition might be found at mid-point. Ocassional bits a' charcoal require one or two purgings.