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Isabela True Cuban-sized Corona - Cigar Review Redux

Isabela Cigar Company
True Cuban-sized Corona
5 1/2 x 42 Corona
w. Ecuadorian Connecticut DesFlorada
b. Nicaragua Tiempo
f. Nicaraguan

"The level 9 plus rollers and Isabela Cigar company still employ this old timeless method of utilizing a sugar based sealant to “glue” / seal the tres capa on their craft." Johnny Piette, brand-owner and gentleperson par excellence.
re: The Isabela True Cuban-sized Corona 

1. Construction presents itself in a Charmin squeeze test of a soft-spot in the 2/3 and visually via a flap of seam which seems sloppily rolled-over on itself. Performance-wise this Isabela offers up a smooth and even draw of a medium+ tension, its smoke warming nominally at nub. Seams tighten on heating and stay thusly.

2. The flavors here are very much in lock-step with the other couple times I've smoked the blend. So much so that I recall from this one, the previous one from over a year-ago. Notable is a pale nutty paste, caramel, and lively produce department peppers. A bit of occasional shopping bag attachment comes in for a few puffs near mid-point, vanishes. A mint ebbs and flows on immediate draw as doth a tropical fruit vibe.

3. Transitions herein are wild, baby. Yet on the back of notes developing greater nuances -- not a helter-skelter flinging against the wall of new flavors to see which ones stick. Germane to its own quirky plot, I'd say. Excitable but not in an unsettling manner.

4. The Isabela's combustion is a hot one, but not a fast-paced one. Even burn-line from first round to the scorecards. Sweet caramel-laced tobacco room-note. Ash builds on nigh entirely in each third; a pale grey stack a' dimes.

5. Body is a sweet peppery tingle of medium-ness. Finish is that and nice earthen buttery tobacco core hold-over from draw. Medium.

6. Pepper/spices are the aforementioned lively peppers and caramel-laced white pepper. I get some horseradish/wasabi liltings. An vibing of clove.

7. The nuances and complexity of this Isabela are fairly wild. Fairly wild? A stunt pilot whom has pulled that loopty-loop a million times.

8. Strength is medium. A classical medium stick but drunk at its company Christmas party. A banker in a Hawaiian shirt (read below).

9. The finish is rather lengthy on this "True Cuban-sized Corona." Surprisingly lengthy, given a medium profile. Effervescent. Ends cleanly in a citrus manner.

10. Balance is even, but not calm. A juggler? It is achieved in a few different ways throughout -- quite interesting.
construction: O
combustion: W
flavors: W
body: O
strength: L

complexity: T
nuance: I
transition: I
balance: W

From my first review of this blend/vitola on 2/28/16. Ya can read it in full HERE -- they doth hold true.

"First hot pull is produce department green grocer style peppers that trail off into the finish in their own juices. Jalapeno, habanero, something that makes me see yellow -- but not Belle. All this is balanced by a healthy dose of pale flesh'd nuts, delivered sweetly on the caramel. The nuttiness, too, goes into the peppers and tastes a bit Far East, but cooked by a round-eye. All this is on a quite creamy mouth-feel. Medium body at least, and fresh out the gate. Still, there is an effervescence which keeps it lively if not light. Dayum."

"Flavors dance, but not the Jitterbug. Nothing frenetic, a joyous smooth twirling, perhaps. The middling is a tobacco core and a big 'un. There are some suede if not leather characteristics there. Sweetness via caramel and cream. Peppers... actually, it's all there. There is no backing. It's all a pulsating swirling of sweet and spicy from that tobacco center. Interesting. It's delivers its notes in the same fashion of a Nat Sherman 1930, but Nat is a conservative gentleman. This Isabela fella is a nut! A lampshade on his head kinda guy. Hawaiian shirts... the whole megillah.

"I roll off the entire opening act's ash. I usually don't grow ash, but was distracted. The ash is less dense than I anticipated and breaks readily into a fine dry talc. Strength is up to a medium-. Profile is a medium+. A deeper tingle sets in warmly and keeps the creamy mouth from being heavy. Flavors are tremendously hard to keep up with, but you get the gist. No change there -- just constantly changing there. Sometimes I get a vanilla extract hint. Sometimes a citrus rind. Vibes o' that, mainly."

"The core of tobacco nuttiness eats up the middling. Leather drops to backing. Peppers lead caramel by a length in the primary. Citrus weaves through each layer as a lemon zest. Vanilla extract adheres to cream in ebbs and flows. Where is the cream? Sorta everywhere and nowhere. Kinda looming to the side and on the mouth-feel. Perfect moisture level there. Finish shortens its legs to a crisp medium of citrus infused fresh peppers and roasted pale nuts -- think Richie Cunningham in thermal underwear."

(Same as previous.)
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