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Friday, February 3, 2017

18 Sabbaths - Jas Sum Kral Red Knight - 10th Sabbath

Jas Sum Kral Red Knight
5 x 50 Robusto
Closed-foot, Pig-tailed
w. Ecuadorian Habano
b. Mexican San Andres & Jalapa Seco
f. Undisclosed

Check out my initial write-up and talkie re: this JSK offering HERE.
This is Serie II of my 18 Sabbaths project. Please read all about it HERE.
Pepper blast and then-some. Red, black, chili. Lingering cayenne sweetened by molasses. Hits the throat on first pull. Complex finish displays some semisweet cocoa which travels to draw, as well. Big smoke out-put off each end. Flavors lock in stride behind that pepper lead which dials back only very minimally. Cherry cola is added. Under-belly is a top-soil or dried compost, manure laced thing with a growing and rising espresso attachment. Draw tension is a smooth medium, floods the smoke-hole. Palate an tongue are a'tingle.

Pack softens against light from a -full density to a medium+. Happens all on down the shaft. Draw stays put. Burn-line is a wonk off closed foot torching, but seemingly self-correcting. Ash is palest white and silver-streaked sheath. Hair-line crack, singularly and slightly so. Smoke hath a greenish hue. Seams are tight. Veins are minimal, but a notable amount run across and not down the barrel. Hand-feel is a tick light-sided, a half-tick rough hewn. Motor-oil sheen, scant tooth.

A nutty woodsiness flits into middlings. Black walnut hardwood with a cedar addition a few puffs in. -Full flavored, medium+ bodied with a toasted cream walnut paste building on. Strength is a rather heady immediate medium+.  Slight throat irritation, a tick more coarse than other Sabbaths via red pepper flake and cayenne juices. Palate is a bit gruffed. Balanced a bit shakily awaiting further body and umami. Transitions hath been a dialing back of peppers allowing other notes to come on-board in groupings.

More smoky-smoke! Pace hath quickened. Straight-forward experience with either a tick up in strength, or I'm drunk on the continuing levels. Pack continues to soften, but seams and draw each hold fast. Burn-line is even shy of perfected. Ash: same as ever. Leather comes in after a mid-point transition drops some raisins and prunes. Room-note is woods and leather on a pipe tobacco core, as I type this, said pie baccy its upper middling of profile hard. Nice. "Boom."

Combustion is an even inferno of wrapper/binder/fillers with two spots of small aerations. Body continues to be hesitant to climb. Retro-hale has a slight nougat vibe once the peppers cease. Still throaty, some. Transitions, yes -- but ultimately plows ahead in a straight line, and quickly. I sense a sense of urgency in the pace. As the final act looms nigh, a black bread comes into the dried fruit realm and I get fruitcake. Cherry cola hides behind a rising espresso and root beer. Full flavored, medium+ body and maybe less-so as cream pulls back. Strength is a mainly untethered -full and my top-lip is a-schvitz.

A new or greater sweet note pushes up umami -- a sweet BBQ sauce. Then suddenly soy sauce? Malt attaches to grain on the finish, its legs stretch out long now. Even longer than before. Cream is gone, but leathers oil up and fill the void meatily.  Under-belly rises up in a smoked nigh charred manner. Strength has me on my tuchus, gentlepersons. All note to construction/combustion hold. All notes hold, really. I feel as battered as a piece a' cod at a fish fry. Gut Shabbos!

Whilst posted on the Sabbath, this is an automatically generated thing, gentlepersons. These are not written during the Sabbath, but typically on a Friday noon-ish. Shabbot shalom and Gut Shabbos -- and to the goyim: hey, have a heckuva Saturday!
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