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Felix Assouline II SaintS - Cigar Review

Felix Assouline Cigars
II SaintS La Petite Mort
5 x 52 Perfecto box-press
w. Jamastran Criollo '98 Ligero
b. Jamastran
f. Jamastran & Jalapa
m. Nicaragua

"FAC is proud to introduce a powerful addition to our brands of cigars. II Saints is a French brand which specializes in a complete men’s accessories including ashtrays, lighters, belt buckles, rings, bracelets and now Felix Assouline Cigars and II Saints bring you the cigar. (IISaintS, France)

II Saints is produced in our factory in Esteli, Nicaragua with Tobaccos grown from our farm in Jamastran, Honduras. The valley in Jamastran is known for its flavorful tobaccos which feature a sweetness and strength inherent in each puff. II Saints Cigars are all box pressed like most of our brands. II Saints feature a Lijero dark wrapper marking the cigar as a unique find in the cigar world."
k a p l o w I t z
Rounded box-press is firm 'nuff to offer a smoothly supple hand-feel and eye-ballin'. Scant veins and seams as tight as a nun's never-ya-mind. Rich dark brown even complexion with a lively yet slight reddish under-hue. Motor-oil sheen. Some espresso bean marbling. Luscious. It looks luscious, this lil Perfecto. Lawdy, I like me a Perfecto. Cap sees a bit of a hiccup of patted down and pasted extra top-leaf. Band is cool; see: image.

k a p l o w I t z
-Firm density of even packing don't soften an iota off burn and on-out. Draw starts at a -firm tension till shaft widens then we're an even-keeled medium+ of perfect (for me) resistance. Seams seem to get even tighter as we heat up. Soft-press holds admirably. Smoke meets smoke-hole in a cool tempered fashion. Shaft warms a tick off of burn, we'll see what happens when it's time to smoke ye olde nubbeth. Oils up slick as a Greaser's Duck's Tuchus hairdo.

k a p l o w I t z
A lil wonk in the burn-line self-corrects coming off the Perfecto nipple. Slight re-touch there-after. Finds and stays even, tho just a hair shy of a razor. Top-leaf/binder/filler all combust in sync and slowly so; not even a hint of aeration. Ash is a heather-grey marbling on a ladder-rung'd sheath sans crackling and with verily minimal flake. 3/3 burn slows and cools, allowing the aforementioned nub to be a breeze.

k a p l o w i T z
Feces and fudge brownies on the cold draw. First couple hot tugs are that on a toasted leathery peppercorn front. Then an almond whipping cream comes in. Dark grain. Brownies ride primary with peppercorn. Although, that's a simplification. Under-belly is a high one of manure/compost/top-soil which falls up into the middlings of grain, leather, almond cream, and a new red pepper. Thems in turn influence what lies north. Verily deeply nuanced bombastic profile of lip-smacking complexities. In 2/3 leathers take on a meaty vibe. Spices spices spices. Cumin and cinnamon lead nutmeg and smoked paprika. Anise is in the lower middling. Espresso and cayenne pepper douse the mid-point transition, without over-shadowing a thing. A smidgen of soy sauce hits under-belly. Pecan and caramelized sugar flow in the final act. Riding off into the sunset in 3/3. See "strength" below for that particular fashion.

Impeccably balanced. Germane transitions. Deeply nuanced notes. Experienced smokers only, please. Should come with a seat belt and helmet; but I can generally make use of those items.

k a p l o w I t z
Tony Soprano after he gets his back waxed. Silky and brutal. Smooth and robust. Heavy oils and creams swaddle yer smoke-hole. An attention grabbing zetz holds yer excitements. I oft say an offering flirts with Chewy like a drunk Han Solo. In this Felix Assouline, the two are married and have a slew of force-sensitive young 'uns. Are these the II SaintS? I doth do-so love a roguish saint. 

k a p l o w I t z
The flavors and body demand so much attention, I'm the last to know my head is in a gentle swoon. A sipping Bourbon feeling sets into my chest, yet by-passes my throat completely -- zilch irritation there. No challah-basket thunk. Good.

k a p l o w i T z
Leathery cocoa butter on the cold schnoz. Room-note is a warm tray of brownies riding a leather saddle. Horse underneath defecates on occasion; as horses will do.

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