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Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Xiphos CR Habano - Cigar Review

Xiphos CR Habano
5 x 50 Robusto
w. Ecuadorian Hybrid Habano
b. Peruvian
f. Peruvian & Dominican
Pretty top-leaf.
Spiced caramel latte cold draw continues once hot.
Big smoke out-put off each end.
Very smooth easy draw.
Exceptionally well rounded and rich notes...
...Heavy white spice, black pepper, caramel, coffee and cream...
Cashew, orange blossom honey, pale fruit syrup, cushy leather...
... etc. ...
Ash builds to an inch+.
Flavors are just special, gentlepersons.
Raisin bread yum.
Final act is a syrupy spiced desert with tons a' cream.
Flat-out the tastiest stick I've had in some time.

Packing density softens a few good ticks off lighting.
Burn is uneven at onset and through 1/3.
Burn is a tick conical.
Ash is darker than I like and cracked in a spot.
Burn-line never hits even. Tho only a single re-touch is mandated.
Cap is very squishy as early as the second-half onset.
Pace is fast.
Seams loosen but doth hold, in the 3/3.

Many and very nice germane-to-the-plot transitions. Fantastic complexities built via them transitions and nuances therein the notes. Slight+ burn by way of imperfect line and somewhat quick pace. Construction was nicely OK but soft, verily. Medium profile, robustly. Superb balance delivered on clouds o' cream. Desert stick room-note off big, big out-put.

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