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Sunday, October 16, 2016

Lucky Leaf Ignoto - Cigar Review

Lucky Leaf Cigars Ignoto
6 x 52 Toro (flavored)
w. Brazilian Arapiraca Maduro
b./f. Dominican
Cold draw is a mug of Swiss Miss in my mug. Hot draw is a pack of Swiss Miss in a cup o' joe. Not in a ham-fisted manner, but definitely not in a way which feigns au natural. Cap is squared. Cream ticks up on the second and third pulls to step up to meet in a po' bo mocha latte, then all doth subdue. Not ham-fisted -- know how I know? I would guess I'm smoking Dominican leaf. So, not only do I taste actual tobacco -- but yeah. Dominican. Nice tanginess there in a sunlit dirt/earth. Overall, I keep thinking Bailey's Irish Cream.

Big-time toothy wrapper. Tight nigh invisible seams. Even smooth medium+ tension'd draw. Zero softening of the medium+ packing off of toast/light. Slight ribbon in burn-line. 3/4" of burnt offerings are quite toothy heather-grey building in tight ladder-rungs. Smoke out-put is average+ and room-note is I'm on my porch in a typhoon. Shaft starts dry but oils up as he sticks it to the man... I mean as the smoking experience unfolds. Profile is a medium. Added flavoring is felt on the finish, which sees its legs unfolding. Mouth-feel is smooth creaminess. Interesting stick. Infused, but a real-deal stogie.

An ACID for a grown-up. Flavored with the intent of highlighting the tobacco. I so-ooo taste Bailey's. An occasional mint lilt in the mocha latte -- particularly on the immediate draw. Dominican tang via a citrus rind on bright dirt. Sweet Brazilian softnesses. Pale fleshed roasted nuttiness. Nice scant bissell peppry zetz on retro-hale. Pace is slow, even.

At the end of the opening act, mint vibe is gone from draw but at the far end of the medium+ legged finish of coffee and chocolate and cream (the finish is wherest the flavoring is at its oompiest). Very nice looks at the tobacco now -- with the oil-slick'd Maduro taking center-stage there, with some fruit syrup meanderings.

The typhoon is falling back in doses meow and a very nicely toasted leather sweet room-note is hanging around a tick. Smoke out-put picks up some. Mouth-feel is syrupy but not sickly so and at the end of that enhanced finish, there is cleanliness. I am impressed. Pack hath softened half a nit-picking tick, but seams and draw each hold. Burn-line is almost perfected. Oh, looksie -- the typhoon is worsening again.

Chocolate and coffee additions soar now, but no longer in tandem. It's a coffee front and a rap video back, that is to say a chocolate rear. If you like to read this sorta thing, welcome to yer home on the web for reading this sorta thing. Texture is velvety suede. Even moreso meow. It just got three shades darker on my porch. This weather is no joke, gentlepersons. Middling is a neat nuttiness and earth with a nougat vibe. Under-belly is earth with a teeny potpourri hint. Some nice transitions here, something not oft found in flavored sticks. Still at a medium profile. All along only a whisper of strength -- perhaps a bit louder whisper now. Haven't had a peppery bit in a bit, can't find it on the retro-hale -- but there is some spice rack hint there. Verily, there is cream, Bailey's to be precise. In coffee.

Not much more than Bailey's in coffee now. I'm gonna stop saying that brand name, as they're not likely to pay me. Citrus hath tooken leave. Vanilla is a new thing, or at least a greater and separate thing (B-word). More smoky-smoke. Ash flakes a tick and darkens some. I have no idea how many days I have been smoking this Ignoto. If this goes on much longer, I might start talking to a volleyball. There's a feeling of being isolated with this stick. Not a bad feeling. Draw firms a bit, but stays in the medium+ range o' resistance.

Ignoto refers to a child of unknown parentage in Italian. It is also the name of the debut album of a British post-hardcore band called Yourcodenameis:Milo (according to Wikipedia). Now I'm getting an Oreo cookie. A bit more strength (a deaf fella whispering). Not nic, but backbone. Same body/flavor rating. New grains, oats. Toasting of profile. The Oreos are burning! More smoke. Coasting... coasting... coasting.

Some slight loosening of seam right at char. No big whoop. B-word. Whoopie Pie dunked in coffee. Still verily a tobaccy. A very nice Dominican softened and sweetened by a Brazilian. They work well together here, overcoming language barriers, beautiful really. Toasty-roasty upticks again, this time in a meaty manner as the band looms nigh and a purging is needed. Nub is a bit spongy but still hath form and smoke is quite cool and quite quite soft. Gentlepersons, I like this Lucky Leaf. I happened upon a Connie-topped version as well. Look for that review ASAP.

I smoked a tonna infused offerings lately. Well, for me. Three. The O3 and an Kuba DeLuxe. Truthfully, this Lucky Leaf Ignoto wins.

****I still don't grade flavored sticks****