Friday, March 8, 2024

On SPICE and INTENSITY in My Cigar Reviews

On SPICE and INTENSITY in My Cigar Reviews

Upon the inauguration of the new SPICE category in my review methodology, I wrote within said inauguration, "Although I typically include spice in INTENSITY; perhaps then INTENSITY becomes a holistic take on simply flavor, body, and strength. I like that." I do like that, still. However, I feel the need to further express this new addition.

SPICE is measured here at Kaplowitz Media. on a scale of _/5. For our purposes, we'll fill in the blank as 2/5. But what is implied? A simple expression of pepper-spiciness set within a 5 construct, with 1 being the least and 5 the most. OK. What is 5? 5 indicates the entire flavor profile of the cigar (or perhaps pipe tobacco) at hand. So that 5 means different things each time (INTENISTY can help decipher that.) Furthermore, the preceding number states the amount of space within that construct occupied by spice.

For more information as to my process writ larger, please see: Kaplowitz Media. Grading Scale

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