Friday, February 9, 2024

Kaplowitz Media. Will Be Right Back

Kaplowitz Media. Will Be Right Back

Hiatus 2024 is now. I'll pop back in here periodically a time or three during. Will be back to regularly on Friday, March 1. If for some reason you need more information as to my yearly vacay, please read my recently posted: Kaplowitz Media. Hiatus 2024.

Please, if you see me on some white sand beach somewhere, respect my privacy. Please, if you see me at some Michelin-star establishment somewhere, respect my privacy. I must warn you that I can indeed be quite catty in those and similar situations. Just last Thursday, while picking up challah at a local market, a gentleman approached me with a question pertaining to humidor care. I nearly scratched his eyes out.

In my mind, my toes were already dug into warm sand; a bib was already tucked into my expandable top-button collar.

I will say that an excellent pairing for most cigars is a 50/50 mix of coffee/tea. Black tea. Instant coffee. I put a tea bag in a mason jar, sprinkle in the proper amount of said instant coffee, and add boiling water. Maybe a little sweetener, although I often find myself to be sweet enough. Also, an excellent palate cleanser is vodka. I prefer potato vodka. Swish well and swallow if you like. However, time is the best cleanser.

Have a day, everyone.

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