Monday, October 30, 2023

Expert Level Cigar Smoking and What Your Cigar Cutter Says About You | Two Kaplowitz Media. Quick Takes

Expert Level Cigar Smoking and What Your Cigar Cutter Says About You | Two Kaplowitz Media. Quick-Takes

Previously, I wrote (& posted) The Next Step: Cigar Smoking at an Intermediate Level | A Kaplowitz Media. Quick-Take. Here, I'll put a wrap on the small series. What is an expert or advanced-level cigar smoker? The whole she-bang breaks down thusly and loosely... How, What, and Who.

How would be the beginner-level of simply how one correctly smokes a premium smoke. The intermediate What would be the dawn of the process of taking notes (mental or otherwise) of what you like. As stated in the article linked above, "wrapper leaves, countries of origin, and size/format." Which of those you prefer or dislike, to be clear.

Now the final chapter. Who. Which blender, factory, or very particular rare leaf you admire. Leaf beyond the general and into the more specific and who has it. Growing regions and (occasionally) processes, say. Say too, the pairing of leaves. I'm taking a stab at broad-stroke brevity here. There was something of a Where in there. A reminder once again: a person can be quite happy in their decision to not climb these silly rungs.

Cigar smoking is one hundred percent all about finding your enjoyment and wherever that enjoyment is found is also the perfect place for you. Also, there is much to be said about the stoic approach of not looking for the best and greatest and instead being happy with simplicity. If an exquisite cigar that sits outside of your budget or attainability ruins what you may comfortably have had--what really was accomplished?

Another sign of a true expert is a mastery of accouterment. With that in mind, please read on.


Now for some Cigar Cutter Astrology. What your preferred cutter says about you. I happen to be a Pisces and we all know what that means. I'm not really certain what that means because astrology ain't my bag. I bet you get the gist of this exercise so I'll just make with the goods.

Guillotine Cutter: You are a traditionalist. You are no-nonsense and might lack a bit in the sense of humor department. Perhaps you're a bit stingy. Your significant other might be somewhat bored--but only until your next payday. Also, Those khaki pants look great on you. You don't need another blue or brown shirt.

Cigar Scissors: You have a few different types of mustache waxes for a few different types of scenarios. Handlebars are serious business after all. If you made it into art school, you flunked out. Not really though. You actually quit because no one understood your vision. The ascot does not work. Nor the unicycle.

V Cutter: You have two tribal tattoos, one is around your bigger bicep. You measured. You like sports a lot. You are understood to have been a wildman in the frat house although you never went to college. You make good money though and screw them liberal arts nerds. Those truck testicles aren't as cool as you think.

Cigar Punch: You make exact plans. You are thoughtful and unemotional. You have no idea what people are talking about when they wax nostalgic. I'll touch on each of those points once again. The plans always fall through and it's never your fault. You are likely on the spectrum. You are likely on the spectrum.

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