Monday, August 28, 2023

Have You [I] Ever Thought of Making Your [My] Own Cigar?

"Have you ever thought of making your own cigar [,Kap]?"

That's a question I've been asked and it seems to mean different things to different inquisitors. From rolling cigars to blending and even growing tobacco--the answer is I've not given a full iota of thought to any of that. Let me tell you a thing about me. For years, my toolbox had in it assorted business cards of various handymen and contractors, a stress pack of smokes, and a disposable lighter. I lost that toolbox a bit ago and have yet to think of replacing it.

I feel I'm made to fit securely and comfortably into a complex society with specialized labor. I'm lucky like that. There are folks better with hammers, cigar leaves, rolling tables, and seeds than I could ever hope to be. My hat is off to them and far be it from me to clumsily interject my sure-to-be terrible bunching and blending--let alone agriculture. I'm comfortable appreciating their expertise, and on occasion, critiquing it with no small amount of chutzpah.

I suppose I am not in objection to (because I have been) being in the role of a palate of sorts for cigars; as in 'Which of these four should we run to market with?' And really, a lot of folks labeling themselves master blenders are just that--but that's a topic best saved for maybe never. So would I ever entertain having my own brand? Because that's another usage of the question at hand. Only quite maybe, but first I'd like to be able to buy a second pair of shoes and name-brand toasted oat cereal.

One dream at a time, then.

::: very :::