Friday, June 9, 2023

XIKAR Xi2 Cigar Cutter Accessory Review

XIKAR Xi2 Cigar Cutter Accessory Review

Why am I writing a review of arguably one of the more popular cutters on the market and one that has also been on the said market for a good bit? 'Yeah. We're all familiar, Kap.' I'm writing this because it looks like it will be sustaining its popularity well into the future. Whenever a new smoker asks about the right cutter to purchase, this one is sure to be recommended.

Succinctly, people will be super-interested in this offering and (of course) my particular take on it for years to come.

I've had a couple of these Xi2s. The first I had for a good long time and one day, I decided to toss it in my jeans pocket. It got warped or somehow otherwise bent and jammed up. I didn't recall bumping it at all. This second one has been in my non-portable possession for another long while. I'd guess I've hit triple digits in terms of caps snipped with this design's employ. No dulling thus far. I recall neither snag nor mangle.

I do recall the design itself taking a bit to get used to handling at first. It's a (stainless steel) double guillotine set in a kinda triangular dove wing manner which tapers to quite small. I have pretty large hands so your mileage may vary. Again, I got used to it--& more comfortably-so than those tiny versions of Bic lighters. In terms of size as to the cigars it can handle, it reportedly can snip up to a grotesque 60rg behemoth of a thing,

is this common recommendation as mentioned above a decent one? Sure. Is it better or worse advice than average? All things considered, a bit better and a bit better again if you can swing the not terrible price tag. After that, and after a couple preliminary cuts, you really can't go wrong. Especially if you're not on the go.


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