Tuesday, June 6, 2023

XIKAR Astral Single-Jet Torch Lighter Cigar Accessory Review

XIKAR Astral Single-Jet Torch Lighter Cigar Accessory Review

I want to write a few words regarding this product because I need content for Tuesday. It's on my to-do list. 'Find content for Tuesday,' it says.

So here goes. First off, I am a soft-flame fan and really, darn-near advocate. That said, I've found this sleek single-flame thing to be quite handy. For retouches, particularly. Smaller ring gauges, as well.

Also, the fuel window is pretty neat and what's more neat is that it seems to hold more fuel than you'd think (remember: sleek). Maybe the fact that it's not a triple-jet monster just means it uses less per click. In any event, it's a handy and reliable single-action jammie that's always at the ready.

Being slightly-build (but also apparently durable) it would lend itself easily to portability. Furthermore, its cool classy and understated design is sure to please the eyes of horrified looker-ons as you prepare to bully them with plumes of sweet 'baccy smoke. Kinda hand-feels like a slick futuristic Zippo, sans flippy-thing.

I recently went to a Domino's Pizza joint and felt as though I walked onto the set of The Fifth Element. Although that's neither here nor there. Tuesday post: check.


PS: mine is 'Gunmetal.'
::: very :::