Wednesday, June 7, 2023

Palio Composite Cutter Cigar Accessory Review

Palio Composite Cutter Cigar Accessory Review (matte black)

A long while ago I drove around for a long while in a Hyundai Accent. It was rigid, zippy, and I felt every mile I ever miled. It came and ran cheap, never needed a lick of repair, and took a heckuva licking. It was grey, still, this cutter puts me in mind of that hatchback.

Thanks to finger/leverage grips on each side, you can use this if you're an amphibian lol. Back to cars... my dad had a VW Bug that he liked because it had like three moving parts and he knew how to fix them all. He says he never had to. It was cream-colored if I recall his recollections.

This thing is as sharp as sharp can be and never once mangled a smoke. (I'd stay at/below 50rg.) It feels a tick less than luxurious in the mitt and operates stiffly but evenly-so. I feel like I'll be real close to almost perfectly pleased with this guillotine for a very long time to come.


::: very :::