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Three Summer Cigars for Three Different Summers | A Kaplowitz Media. Recommendation List

Three Summer Cigars for Different Three Summers | A Kaplowitz Media. Recommendation List

Summertime! If it hasn't begun for you yet, you're likely in the Pacific Northwest and it'll start soon, promise. But summer means different things to different people.

For some, it's a time to embrace the wilderness, to venture out into nature; think camping, hiking, and fishing. For others, it's a time to pull out the grill and throw some red meat meals out on the deck, perhaps take in some sun alongside a pool behind a suburban privacy fence, or tend a garden*. And then, finally (for our purposes), for some to seek climate-controlled confines whenever-however possible. Indoorsman, avid as I, or otherwise.

So when I hear talk of summer cigars and recommendations of such, I find myself wondering, "Which summer?" and "Why am I reading this?" Below, I offer up a good smoke for each of the three (3) summers I mentioned--and a bit about why. Please note that the name of each offering is a link to where you can read its full review; as the criteria here is that I had to have reviewed it.

I wish you all a very happy summer and again a word to my fellow PNWers: our week and a half of summer weather is likely to arrive sometime resembling soon.


You want something mild and you want something small because you also want a lot of whatever you're smoking. Pack along a slew of 'em, a couple for the field and a couple more for the stream. Also, a couple for the Jeep ride out to nowhere and a couple more for the Jeep ride back. Also, a few spares for use while walking your Golden Retriever as need be. Small also helps these smokes be hands-free while you cast, fall tail over teakettle on a trail, or pitch a tent. These were literally designed for all this.


A perfect pick of the humi, broski! Excellent for around the Weber, at the (outdoor) table, and/or poolside. It won't sicken you with weight as you go full-on suns out guns out, but it will stand up to red meat and cold booze. It's even a bit smoky in and of itself and spicy 'nuff to not get lost in BBQ adventuring. So don't let the world mild deceive you! I'll have you know that this cigar once threw for so many yards and so many touchdowns years ago in high school and can still go, dammit. It also looks almost oddly at home in a Kiss the Cook apron (it slims the belly).


The fullest profile cigar mentioned here because, let's face it, you're probably also doing a lot of sitting. Although, I did not go full-full with my recommendation in case one of the places you're sitting is at a card table in a casino. We do wish to keep our heads about us, yes? We also want to follow the storyline of the movie we're watching. Also, this one is a nice nod to outdoorsiness--a thing kept purposefully theoretical to you and found quite charming in a 'heck no" manner.


I realize this is somewhat an extension of the Mild Summer sect more than the others, but who doesn't need to mow and weed on occasion? Those schmucks who let their yards over-grow for bees*, that's who. Laziness. Plant a garden and pull out the Toro mower, Moondog. Toro. That's a nice size for this. And mild enough for toiling in the sun for a few midday hours.

In closing, and as a note to pipers: all but you of the indoor varietal, time to cellar your Englishes for a tick.

*originally erroneously typed 'butterflies.' [Corrected 5/15/23]

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