Wednesday, April 19, 2023

Lane Limited 1-Q Pipe Tobacco in Review

Lane Limited 1-Q Pipe Tobacco in Review

CATEGORY: Aromatic
BLEND: Cavendish, Virginia

BLENDER: Lane Limited
MANUFACTURER: Scandinavian Tobacco Group

CUT: Ribbon

PIPE: Missouri Meerschaum Country Gentleman
INTENSITY: Mild/Mild-medium

Vanilla bean | Caramel | Sweet citrus

Famed luchador Mil Mascaras is known as The Man of a Thousand Masks. Lane 1-Q can easily claim that it is sold under an equal amount of names. Sold, that is, to the tune of sales which add up to make it perhaps the most sold. Infused cigars are amongst the most sold, as well. One might fall under the perhaps incorrect(?) assumption that many people don't currently love the taste of tobacco.

But 'honeydew,' sweet flavored 'baccy--is nothing new. And here, that's mainly what you get other than a far-away lemonade heya via the included Virginias. Vanilla (bean), ironically, almost registers as cocoa (bean) to me in large doses. A strong hint of salted caramel pushes that milk chocolate narrative. But it is not, all told, a cloying blend. It's a well and softly-rounded thing with nary a kick by way of nic.

It packs a bit wet and doesn't seem to be willing to dry much. Some re-lights will be needed and moist dottle will layer heavily in your heel. I recommend a corn cob for that reason. Also, for the reason of it just fits with the aesthetics and mood of this well-traveled blend. A timely case or plea for stoicism: stop your exploring at this point and be forever happily in love with this blend. (& not be terribly wrong.)

Continue on to fancy tins and never return here as happy-faced again. A possible formula for simple eternal bliss: Captain Black Royal Monday thru Friday, and Lane 1Q on the weekends. But isn't exploration no small part of the human experience? As is bankruptcy and mood stabilizing pharmaceuticals? I digress. No, that's a lie. I shut my mouth (around this bit). It smells great in here, I think silently to myself.


A 90-100 B 80-89 C 70-79

::: very :::