Monday, February 27, 2023

My Birthday Cake & Competitive Eating | Hiatus Diary Entry 9/10

My Birthday Cake & Competitive Eating | Hiatus Diary Entry 9/10


I had a lot of chocolate (birthday) cake yesterday. (My birthday.) A lot. I don't mean to brag, but again, a lot. It's a gift. I'm no competitive eater, although I maybe could if not should be. I mentioned competitive eating prior as a thing, alongside arm wrestling, that could save western civilization if such a thing needed to be done and could be done via sporting endeavors.

The whys of those two sports as saviors is a thing I'll leave for another time but it does bear to mention that eating competitively is, yes, a sport. There is physical training involved, most if not all about expanding your stomach's volume. This is done via drinking large amounts of water and/or low-calorie foods. When you look at these athletes, you'll notice that are vastly in shape and that shape is seldom round.

So how much cake did I eat? All the available cake, available meaning that mine was not the only mouth to feed--but it was the most keenly-interested. It's about drive, determination, and a willingness to go beyond where you probably should. It's about endurance. Exploration. Whether what I ate was a professional or amateur amount is neither here nor there but coupled with cozy new socks, I felt well-enough blessed.

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