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Partagas Cigars Anejo Petit Robusto in Review

Partagas Cigars Anejo Petit Robusto in Review

WRAPPER: Cameroon/Connecticut Shade
BINDER: Dominican
FILLER: Mexican, Dominican

FORMAT: Petit Robusto (4.5x49)
ORIGIN: General Cigar Dominicana

Caramel | Cedar | White peppercorn

Plush and less sedately-so than I'd have suspected. Backed and braced by cracked white peppercorn and buttery cedar, respectively. Nearly the rest is a by-product of a bulging sweet earthen core. Earth is a sunlit hiking trail of a foggy morning. A bit vegetal. Sweet comes via salted caramel, nougat, and cocoa butter. Those extend out from said core in root-like fashions. Some reach all the way to an encompassing meaty pale leather. Spices play complexly in the woodiness. Vanilla bean.

Honey malt, those scant exotic spices, graham cracker crumbs, and chamomile flowers swirl about secondarily. They ebb and flow but never jarringly. A weighty and lip-smacking mouth-feel, as well as flavor notes, teach a class on the distinction between flavor and strength. Nominal strength, see. Malt touches all sweetnesses and candied citrus grows from there, then stands alone come mid-point. There is almost a cloying quality that the citrus and pepper stave off. Cinnamon stick.

Perfect draw tension. Excellent packing pre-light to the nub, with zero softening or unevenness. Seams hold, cap assemblage does as well, each sans bugaboo. Moderate plus smoke out-put leaves a culminating sweet then spiced, softly dense room-note. A whispered aria. A ding occurs in regards to the ash, which does not cling all that well, but isn't flaky per se, just clumps. I'm aware which leaves are on display here, but I feel the Mexican addition is brawnily quietly almost humbly enabling a near-divine offering.

A slight flaw comes at the nub, a point (past the band) that I normally don't include in reviews and never include in ratings. However, it grows notably sour there.


A 90-100 B 80-89 C 70-79

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