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Perdomo Cigars Factory Tour Blend Sun Grown in Review

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Perdomo Cigars Factory Tour Blend Sun Grown in Review

WRAPPER: Nicaraguan Sun Grown
BINDER: Nicaraguan
FILLER: Nicaraguan

FORMAT: Robusto (552)
ORIGIN: Nicaragua (Tabacalera Perdomo)
INTENSITY: Medium-full

Earth | Oak | Caramel sauce

Everything revolves around a densely rich dirt earthiness with oak swirls which occasionally shrapnel out & into surrounding caramel sauce creaminess. Some nougat. Escaping only somewhat, the orbit of that, is a nifty Mexican-spiced pack of instant hot cocoa. Really no complaints, a simple pleasurable, consistent affair. The earth aspect is nicely nuanced and weighty but not cumbersome and showcased in calm filtered light. 

Not complex per se, but not boring. Not, as alluded to, transitional but--there is a good unfurling of pleasant inherent sweetness. A stretching out of legs that culminate in a truly fantastic mocha latte finish as spices dial back there. The body is solid but not rigid... reassuring in a way... stoic. Aroma is a big selling point here, with notes akin to those on the finish, w/ cardamom lacings. A meditative smoke, one quite far from somber. A wry smile bit of fun.

In this particular specimen, the burn was an issue. Out-of-the-gate, a runner sprung. It eventually, via a big re-touch following a chillaxin', settled down. Still after, the ash clumped in a hard knot at the 2/3rd's open. During the tough start stumble, the draw was somewhat hesitant-hollow. Although it abated and other than that, its tension was ideal throughout. To be clear on the burn-line, it did waver again periodically. I'd like another swing at this one. Or to give it another at-bat.


A 90-100 B 80-89 C 70-79 D 60-69 F 0-59

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