Thursday, September 9, 2021

Old Dominion Williamsburg Clay Pipe in Review

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Old Dominion Williamsburg Clay Pipe in Review

BRAND: Old Dominion
MODEL: Williamsburg
SHAPE: Cutty

LENGTH: 6.90"
HEIGHT: 1.41"
BOWL DIA./DEPTH: .69/1.63"

FINISH: Smooth (white)

Feels just lovely in the hand; an EZ extension of it, say. Smooth, well-balanced, easily-steered. No spinniness of bowl, quite light and super-just graceful, elegant. Simple cutty design, unadorned. Excellent wide draw. I like this pipe. I like my women like I like my pipes? Unadorned and with wide draws? I apologize. The user experience here is of riding a thoroughbred as opposed to say a ploughhorse. A double-edged sword of exceptional performance & diva-fragile-bitchiness, which we'll cover here soon...

Like in this coming paragraph...

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We continue:

The bowl is small for me, and I like small bowls. It also heats up hot HOT there, but that heat never travels ::: very ::: far down the stem. The chamber is also quite tight (tall & thin) this seems to make for more relights. All that aside, a major concern is a slight maybe-hairline crack on the outside surface-only front-end of said bowl/chamber. I noticed it soon as patina set in--after perhaps a scant handful of smokes. No telling if it came that way or not--but it lends a real carpe diem element to my usage; for we cannot have tomorrow guaranteed.

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