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Friday, March 29, 2019

Illusione Cigars ~ mk ~ teaching machine | Cigar Review by Kaplowitz

"Have you Kaplowitz'd to-day?"

Illusione mk
WRAPPER: Nicaraguan
BINDER: Nicaraguan
FILLER: Nicaraguan

FORMAT: Corona 5 1/8 x 42
ORIGIN: Tabacos Valle de Jalapa S.A. (TABSA)

NOTES: Slickery heavy overtones of espresso & anise. Finely-ground black pepper backed with sweet red spices. Undertones of purple-fruited cedar. A smoothly powerful slice of Chocolate Coca-Cola Cake ((( recipe ))) Barnyard & leathery oil savory underbelly. Marshmallow fluff thinly rounds all the edges. Herbal notes flit in and out, more-so as the smoke progresses.

Burns on a slight bit of a wobble, self correctingly-so. Slow paced. Big smoke out-put makes for a lingering patisserie next door to bakery room-note. Draws smoothly with a pleasant tick of tension. Smoke stays cool gate-to-wire.

A 90-100 B 80-89 C 70-79 D 60-69 F 0-59

"A blend of Nicaraguan Criollo '98 and Corojo '99, and finished with a AAA Grade Corojo Rosado wrapper. Medium to full-bodied and very complex." -

Come get me out of this hole
Use all your mind control
Hey man, tell me, where do I go?
You look like someone who knows

Soft nails claw the walls
Slings and arrows, they're not my fault
Think I gave it all that I got
I gave it my best shot

I'm free
'Cause I believe
Yeah, I'm free
'Cause I believe

Mud, matter, roots and coal
Mama, gimme the remote control
Transmissions from those in the know
Who bathe in the gods galore

Sick cities, pillars of salt
Temptation, fits and starts
Keep repeating, we are what they're not
We're gonna give her one last shot

There is a light at the top of this hole
There is a promise of complete control
So come on, tell me, where do we go?

You say you're the ones who know
I'm free And I believe
Yes I'm free And I heard

Come get me out of this hole
Come get me out of this hole
Come get me out of this hole

- Guster, Mind Kontrol ((( link )))

"It's a riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma. And also a bit of fun. Many of Illusione cigars have hidden meanings encoded in the packaging and in the names. The "mk" printed on the black-and-white Illusione band, for example, stands for "mind kontrol." Brand owner Dion Giolito believes that the corona size, such as this one, serves as the best blending format when creating a cigar due to its proportions and ratios of tobacco. He who produces the best corona, his thinking goes, is the one who "kontrols" the market. If you're not one to mix riddles with your cigars, the data on this smoke is pretty straightforward. It's made in Nicaragua at the TABSA factory and is full of fantastic Nicaraguan tobacco. Substantial flavors of coffee and spice lead to a sweet note on the palate. For such a little cigar, the Illusione mk imparts big character." - 

(This offering was ranked 24th in the CA Top 25 of 2016.)

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