Cigar Media Federation


KAPLOWITZ MEDIA is proud to have earned the Cigar Media Federation (CMF) official seal of approval.

Lettuce face it: the internet is a big, scary place. How can you know the Cigar Media you're ingesting there/here is trustworthy, loyal, helpful, friendly, courteous, kind, obedient, cheerful, thrifty, brave, clean, and reverent? It is a concern. My my my my my.

Well, now you can shake free of worrisomeness and the burdensome chains of critical thought by simply letting the Cigar Media Federation (CMF) do the thinking for you! That's right, allow the CMF to do the vetting that would normally take you seconds if not minutes to do on your own. Simply ignore any Cigar Media site, blog, podcast, Youtube channel that does not meet the stringent requirements for bearing the coveted official CMF seal of approval.

Below is a list of Cigar Media Federation trusted internet sources, whom alongside K/M strive to give you the very best Cigar Media you deserve as ardent yet frankly lazy Cigar Media readers, watchers, & listeners.




Founder & President, Cigar Media Federation

PS: This year-end's cigar industry Kappy Awards will be co-produced by the Cigar Media Federation. As a refresher, please go to ---> Kaplowitz Media Presents: The 2017 Kappy Awards, Best of the Cigar Industry. thx