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Thursday, January 17, 2019

Rock-A-Feller Cigars Vintage Nicaragua Maduro Lancero - Cigar Review by Kaplowitz

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Rock-A-Feller Vintage Nicaragua Maduro
WRAPPER: Mexican San Andres
BINDER: Ecuadorian
FILLER: Nicaraguan

FORMAT: Lancero (738)
ORIGIN: American Caribbean Cigars EstelĂ­, Nicaragua

NOTES: Spiced bittersweet top notes of a toasted and prickly black pepper with a dark chocolate riding shotgun. This is driven by a building middling of roasted earth with a slight charcoal attachment; braced by cedar. Undertones are composted leathery earth and grapefruit pith. Finish is long and savory-sweet with a bit of a steely edge. Excellent complexity via nuance over transition.

Burns on an even line and grows solid ash for its vitola. Pulls on an even and rather open draw. Quite smoky, leaving a heady yet pleasant room-note.

A 90-100 B 80-89 C 70-79 D 60-69 F 0-59

"At the 2016 IPCPR Trade Show, Kevin Schweitzer‘s Vintage Rock-A-Feller Cigar Group showcased a 7 x 38 vitola in its Rock-A-Feller Vintage Red Label Maduro. Rock-A-Feller Cigars makes cigars in both the Dominican Republic and Nicaragua. The Red Label is one of three blends in the Vintage Nicaraguan line. In addition to Red Label (Maduro), there is a White Label (Nicaraguan Habano), and Blue Label (Connecticut Shade) offering. For the past couple of years, the company has put a heavy push on its Red Label line – and the Lancero becomes the latest to be showcased."

"Although you many not heard of the Vintage Rockefeller Cigar Group cigar brand, you have probably heard about some of the people that started it. When it debuted in 2009, the business was a collaboration between Jeffrey Uvezian, son of Avo Uvezian, and an undisclosed member of the Rockefeller family. However, the brand was purchased earlier this year by Kevin Schweitzer, president of Sea Crest Holding Group and a Wall Street trader, who will not only continue to produce the brand’s existing portfolio of six cigars, but will also release more limited lines" Brooks Whittington, (2017)

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